Tears Of Crimson Regret
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Misfit Family:

Frozen Bloodsicles: Ariel Dawn's site Obsessions of a Twisted Mind: Uncaged Muse's site Midnight Moon: Athenewolfe's site Hearts Of Twilight: Tasha's site


The Bloodshedverse Spuffy Realm The Crypt Buffy/Spike Central Beyond Twilight
Captive Souls


The House of Bloodshed Misfits The Order


Just a Little Nibble: Spikeslovebite's site Dark Sacred Dreams: Schehrezade's site Tasting Dark Desires: Megan's site Axis Of Love: Alwaysjbj's site Puppies and Christmas: Mefiant's site
Titans Together...Bitch: RedWulf's site An Oracle's Passion: Oracleholly's site Dreams of Deadly Fairytales:SpikesChilde's site Spuffy Stuff: Slaymesoftly's site Vamp Tales: Spikesdeb's site
Bring on the Bloodshed: Bloodshedbaby's site Immortal Opal: Opalenergy's site Forbidden Fruits: GoldenBuffy's site When Hearts Collide: Angelic_Amy's site Haunted Gaze: Kargrif's site

Other Affiliates:

Vampire's Kiss Shady Designs Insane Buffy Fans

Screencaps and Pics:

Love That Dares Screencap Paradise Buffy World Buffy Guide

Brushes & Textures:

Hybrid Genesis Awmp.net Spy-glass.net

Also check out my LJ profile for more resources on brushes/textures/bases.

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