Tears Of Crimson Regret
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Xena Complex

Title: Xena Complex
Author: Ariel Dawn & BloodyTearsOfLife
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the Joss, he just let’s me play with them.
Summary: The Buffy Bot goes missing and Buffy finds it in the one place she never expected. Based on an idea by me (BloodyTearsOfLife) and GoldenBuffy from the Bloodshedverse Chat room, that we made Ariel Dawn write. Ariel and I collaborated together to finish the story.

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4

Chapter 1: Xena Complex

This chapter is written by Ariel Dawn.


“It’s missing!” shouted Willow from the basement of the Magic shop.

“What’s missing?” asked Buffy from the top of the stairs.

“The Buffy Bot! She’s....gone!” lamented Willow.

“And this is a bad thing how?” asked Buffy peering into the darkness.

“What’s missing?” asked Dawn, munching on a carrot stick and peering over Buffy’s shoulder.

“The bot!” shouted Willow again. “We have to find it!”

“Why?” asked Dawn. “I thought you hated that thing?” Dawn asked her sister.

“I do hate it.”

“But we can’t let her just roam around freely, she could get lost, or she could find Spike again,” warned


Buffy’s eyes went super wide.

“We have to find her now!”

The truth was that the idea of the Buffy Bot with Spike wasn’t really repulsive anymore as it was jealous

making. Yes, she could admit it. She liked Spike. She didn’t know exactly how much, but the idea of someone or something else with him? It was a curious feeling that she couldn’t otherwise label.

“Does she have a homing thingy?” asked Dawn.

“Oooh! She does!” said Willow excitedly.

Willow rushed past the sisters up the stairs and pulled her lap top out of her bag. Setting it on the research table she turned it on and found the program to locate the Buffy Bot.

After several minutes of waiting, Dawn crunching away on her carrot sticks, Willow finally said something.

“She’s in LA.”


Buffy stalked into Spike’s crypt. She hadn’t seen the blond vamp since she had pretended to be the bot to find out if he had given Dawn away to Glory. She felt a little bad for using him like this. Her rationale was that he commissioned the thing, it was his fault.

“Spike get up, I need you to drive me and Willow to LA.”

Spike groaned.

“Bloody hell, don’t you people ever knock?”

“No, not when your sex toy is loose in LA somewhere wearing my face!”

Spike moaned again.

“And why is it that I have to cart your sorry ass to LA?”

Buffy took a look at the prone figure on the sarcophagi. He looked so beat up, so fragile.

Buffy tried another strategy. “But I thought you liked my ass Spike?” she said all flirtatious.

Spike sat up and blinked. The Slayer, she who would kill him, was pouting at him. He had a sudden flash back to the time when they were engaged.

“Look at that lip,” he said looking at the pouting Slayer in his crypt.

“Are you gonna get it?” she asked.

Spike stared back in shock.

“Please drive Willow and me to LA?”

Spike rolled his eyes and lay back down on the tomb that he was on.

“Bloody buggering hell. Alright, I’ll do it.” Spike sat up again and looked her in the eye. “I better not regret this.”

Buffy smiled.

“You will just have to find out, now won’t you?”


Spike groaned. He had been listening to ‘crap’ since they all piled into his car. Suddenly the song changed and the car was filled with Justin Timberlake’s voice, again. Spike reached over and ejected the tape.

“Hey!” protested Buffy. “Put that back!”

Spike just shook his head.

“I won’t be listening to your damn Timberwanker again, Slayer.”

“Please Spike?” she batted her eye lashes.

Spike rolled his eyes. That was what had gotten him in the car with the witch and the slayer in the first place.

Spike rolled down the window and tossed the tape out onto the highway.

Buffy gasped.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” cried Buffy.

“Oh my Goddess!” said Willow from the back seat. “Dawn’s going to kill you!”

Spike groaned, of course it had to be the nibblet’s tape.

“Now what are we going to listen to?” asked Buffy.

“We could have a debate,” said Willow.

Both Buffy and Spike turned to look at the witch.

“Ok, maybe not,” said Willow suddenly self conscious.

As Spike turned around he dug out one of his stash of tapes and popped it into the cassette player.

Within seconds the car was filled with the sounds of The Clash.

“What the hell is this?” asked Buffy yelling over the volume.

“This is music!” said the vampire with glee.


Willow’s computer gave them directions that confused the hell out of them.

“This is Angel’s hotel!” said Willow surprised as they pulled in front of the Hyperion. “But the computer says that Buffy Bot is here....”

“Maybe it’s wrong?” suggested Buffy.

“No, I don’t think so..” said Willow.

“Well...don’t go yammering on about the blasted thing. Let’s go and get the Bot.”

“Afraid Angel’s playing with your toy Spike?” asked Buffy. “Ewww mental image. Let’s go!”

The witch, the slayer and the vampire burst into the Hyperion hotel, startling the occupants of the lobby.

“Buffy! Willow! Spike!” said Cordelia from the desk. “What are you doing here?”

“We are missing something, tracked it here. Where’s Angel Cordelia?” asked Buffy.

“Sleeping, it’s early still for him,” responded the former cheerleader.

“We don’t really need him to find it,” said Willow, pulling out her computer again and plugging it in.

“So what exactly do you think is here? What did you lose?” asked Cordy.

Buffy looked at Spike, then Willow, then back at Cordy.

“It’s slightly embarrassing...”

“So? Tell already!”

“It’s the...” began Willow. “Wait, it’s very clearly in the hotel.” Willow wrote down some directions on a piece of paper and stood up. “Let’s go.”

Buffy, Spike and Cordelia followed closely behind the witch. Upstairs and down corridors.

They stopped in front of a door.

“This is Angel’s room,” said Cordelia.

Spike snickered. Buffy elbowed him in the gut.

“Well, no time like the present,” said the vampire quickly recovering from Buffy’s elbow. In one fluid motion Spike kicked in the door to his grandsire’s room.

The scene before them caused even Spike to gasp.

Standing before them all was the Buffy bot, dressed as Xena, holding a whip and some manacles.

In the back ground of the room, Angel was tied up with leather strips to the wall, completely naked, hard and in the confining grip of a cock ring.

“Spike!” said the Buffy bot happily. “Not so pleasant Buffy! and Willow!” The bot turned to Cordelia. “I don’t know you. You aren’t in my programming. Identify yourself.”

“Uh....What the hell is going on?” asked Cordelia, trying desperately not to look at Angel’s naked body.

“Buffy Bot, meet Cordelia,” said Willow. Willow’s eyes drifted involuntarily back to Angel. “I really can’t be here,” she said leaving the doorway and the hallway post haste.

“I’m right there with you,” said Cordelia.

Spike and Buffy watched the two girls scurry away, then turned back at the widely smiling bot, still holding the whip and manacles.

“Do you want to join us? I’m supposed to play like I’m Xena,” said the bot. “It is unfortunate that Angel is only semi conscious, all I did was enable Spike’s program #2.”

Buffy groaned. “I have no words...” she muttered.

“He isn’t big like Spike, but he’s Angel and I loved him first, even if he is small,” said the bot happily.

Without realising that she was doing it, Buffy looked between Angel’s cock, sticking out for all to see and Spike’s package, that was neatly covered up by black denim. She couldn’t deny that even as Spike was neatly covered up, she really wanted to find out exactly how different the two vampires were, and more than just size wise.

Angel shifted in his binds attempting to break free. The bot turned around and whipped the struggling vampire across the leg.

“I didn’t say you could get up,” she said harshly.

Spike snickered. Buffy groaned.

“Spike! See how I kept Angel from ejaculating? It is called a cock ring. I never used one of those devices on your very large member.”

“Willow says that there is something wrong with you,” said Buffy to the bot. “Go find Willow.”

“I am not damaged,” said the bot, tilting her head slightly. “But I will see Willow anyway. To make sure. She’s gay.”

And the bot bounded down the hallway towards the lobby, her Xena skirt bouncing behind her.

“That’s hardly fair, Slayer, taking away a man’s toy like that. Leaving the wanker to...well...wank,” said Spike, waving in the direction of his confined grandsire.

“She was your toy first Spike,” said Buffy undoing the leather strips and setting Angel free.

“Buffy...I...” started Angel.

“So don’t want to hear it right now,” said the slayer walking away from Angel, still naked and still in a very uncomfortable situation.

“Buffy please, just listen to me...”

“Ick, no, not until you do something about...” Buffy waved in his general direction, not looking at him, “that.”

Buffy turned and left the room, cringing visibly.


“I want her dismantled,” said the slayer coming into the lobby, where Cordelia and Willow were inspecting the bot, which looked turned off. “I can’t let her get out again.”

Willow nodded.

“Why did she come to LA though?” asked Cordy.

Obviously Willow had filled in the brunette on the hows and whats of the bot.

“Angel, obviously,” said Willow.

This comment earned her a few looks of death from the two girls in the room.

“Not like that. When I deprogrammed her of all the Spike love, I tried to put in more Buffy stuff. Like memories, you know, Angel being your first ...love, and Riley.”

“So what she’s gonna go after Riley next?” asked Buffy.

“No! Of course not. I mean, I don’t know how she got out. She won’t get out again.”

“She does seem to have a healthy sex drive,” said Cordelia inspecting the bot up close. “And she looks a lot like you.”

Buffy glared at the May queen.

“The poofter is taking a cold shower,” came Spike’s voice from the stairway. /p>

“I was trying to repress the naked Angel pictures,” muttered Willow.

“What I would like to know is what is with the Xena Complex?” asked Cordelia.

“Buffy always was his perfect little warrior princess,” said Willow.

Buffy cringed.

“Can we go now?” asked Buffy. “This trip has just been way too weird. Can we go somewhere where the weirdness is normal?”

“Sunnydale?” asked Willow sceptically.

“Where else?”


Chapter 2: Nurse Betty

Author's note: This chapter was written primarily by Bloodytearsoflife, with some tweeking by Ariel Dawn.


The trip back to Sunnydale had been quiet. Buffy sat silently in the passenger seat as Willow sat in the back, punching away at her laptop that was connected to the bot sitting next to her.

It was unnerving to see herself reflected in the side mirror, features slack and eyes dull with no life. The only sound in the car was the tap of the keys and Spike’s quiet humming. They had agreed to no music since, well Buffy couldn’t stand Spike’s music and the only tape she had brought was now smashed to bits on the highway before them. Dawn was gonna be so mad...but now the silence was killing her…and just exactly what was Willow doing?

“Will, what are you up to?” Buffy asked, turning around in the bench seat, thrusting her ass out into Spike‘s line of vision.

Spike tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he tried to not flat out stare at the ass the Slayer had wiggling as she leaned over the seat. Stupid bint’s doing it on purpose.

“Hm? Oh, so I was thinking…” Willow began, her fingers poised over the keys as she glanced nervously at Buffy. “Not that I wouldn’t be thinking, cause hey, breathing here...”


“Okay, about the whole breaking her up into little bitty pieces thing? I think that the bot has a lot of helpful potential. I mean, she could help on patrol and if we ever needed live bait…” The last comment earning a snort from Spike. “Well not live exactly...more of a faux live.”

Buffy raised an eyebrow at Spike’s snort but he didn’t respond to her. She shook her head and turned back to Willow.

“I don’t know Will. Look at all the wacky it’s already gotten us into. And plus, there’s the whole eww factor now. And that outfit?” Buffy waved her hand at the bot with eww on her face, “I am so, blech, fire is too good for that outfit,” she said eyeing the Xena costume with disgust.

“I don’t know pet. Could look rather fetching on you. Could have some fun,” Spike purred and Buffy smacked him on the arm.

“Eww, Perv!” Buffy stared back at him shocked and appalled. “There is no way I’m doing anything...ever...with that Xena...eww...after what I just saw. Blech.” Buffy leaned over and whispered into Spike’s ear, “Maybe with a nurse Betty outfit, though.”

Spike’s head snapped towards her, his eyes comically wide. Spike’s prized Desoto, the car he called his baby began to drift into oncoming traffic. Suddenly a car horn blasted and Spike was brought back into a reality that had Buffy sitting beside him in his car, rather than between his legs in a nurse outfit. He hurriedly straightened out the car again as he tried to think of something revolting to ease the pressure in his pants.

His thoughts drifted back to finding Angel nude and trussed up like a Christmas Goose, before the Buffy bot. Oh god, think of something else!

Spike stared straight ahead chanting a mantra in his head. Crosses, Holy water, Angelus with a moustache, Darla with a whip, Stakes…

Buffy internally laughed with glee as Willow stared at her trying to figure out what she just said. Buffy nodded her head in triumph at getting the last word and turned back to Willow.

“But seriously Buffy, especially with the whole Glory thing, a second you might come in handy,” Willow suggested.

Buffy let out a sigh of frustration before resigning herself to the idea. Dawn’s safety meant more to her than anything else and if she had to deal with the bot to keep her safe, she’d do it.

“All right, just as long as you reprogram it and stop it from jumping my ex-boyfriends.” Buffy sighed. “Might be a good idea to program it with up to date info on Glory. Oh! And maybe you could find a fighting program and put more fighting moves in.”

“This is going to be so much fun!” Willow exclaimed, getting a gleeful look in her eye and immediately began her tapping again.

Buffy turned around and sat back down. “So glad one of us is excited,” she grumbled.

“What was that pet?” Spike asked looking over at her. She shook her head at him. “If you want to be excited, I think I could arrange that,” he said with a grin, curling his tongue behind his teeth.

“I bet you could,” Buffy shot back, surprised at the words coming out of her mouth.

Spike suddenly starting coughing, his hand coming up automatically to cover his mouth. A look of concern passed over her face. He finally stopped and took his hand away, Buffy catching it instantly.

“Spike, you’re coughing blood?” she questioned as she looked down at his palm, a little splatter of blood on the inside.

“It’s nothin’. Still got some bones to knit up and some muscles to mend after the hell bitch’s tupperware party. Nothing you need worry your pretty little head about. Just going to take longer with pig’s blood,” he explained as he took his hand away and wiped it on her pants. Really high on her pants.

“Eww! Spike!”

Spike chuckled to himself, returning his attention to the road, with only a brief look at the bloodstain on Buffy’s upper thigh. He just wondered what it would feel like with out the pants.

Ah crap! Crosses, Holy water, Angelus with a moustache, Darla with a whip, Stakes…

Buffy stared at him for a long while, an internal debate going on. She finally turned forward a decision already made./p>


They were alone, in his car. They’d just finish dropping Willow and the bot off, Buffy saying she’d do a quick patrol and come back home. The car seemed smaller, more intimate now that Willow and Xena weren’t occupying the back seat.

She was silent as Spike parked the car into storage and they began walking towards the cemetery. Spike knew something was up but resorted to keeping his mouth closed. He had enough healing to do without a bloody nose.

They both stopped in front of his door.

“Well love, looks like this is where we say good night.” He turned towards her to see her fidgeting, her hands playing with the cuffs of her jacket.

“Thanks for taking us to LA and for doing what you did, with Glory, not the intense awkwardness of LA. I meant it when I said it was real.”

“I love you and the Nibs. I’d do anything to keep you safe.” Spike pulled back, waiting for the retaliation he knew was coming, his hands poised at the ready to protect his ever injured nose.

“I think I’m starting to see that,” Buffy said before surprising him with her next action. She pushed him through the door and he fumbled backwards, his vampiric skills saving him from hitting the floor and instead landing in his chair with a grunt. The next thing he knew he had a lap full of Slayer, her coat dropping down to the floor.

“What’re you doing Slayer?” he asked as he watched with awe as Buffy straddled him.

“Spike, I need you to do something,” she said as she brushed her hair to one side. “Drink.”

“Are you off your bloody rocker? I know that seeing Peaches, all trussed up like that, was traumatic. Bugger if I don’t have daymares. Hell, it nearly drove me batty the first time I saw a display like that, course it was Darla holding the whip.” Buffy stopped his rambling with a single finger over his lips.

“Spike, I know what I’m doing. You need to heal. Glory…I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this on my own. I…I need you.” She stared into his eyes, hoping he’d believe her.

Spike stared at her for a while, trying to sort his thoughts.

“This has nothing to do with what just happened with Peaches, does it?” he asked, staring at her.

“Eww, of course not. Plus, I told you, I don’t do Xena. I do her persona enough in real life. It’s nurse Betty,” Buffy chided and felt a stirring in herself as Spike’s eyes lit up.

“Well nurse, better make me better,” he murmured against her neck. Buffy gripped onto him as he nibbled and licked her neck, sending tingles down her spine. She let out a gasp as he bit down, a rapturous feeling rocketing through her and she couldn’t stop herself from rocking against him, striving for completion. He continued to suck at her neck, a warm flush breaking out over her skin.

She sat dazed in his lap once he let go. God, Angel’s bite had felt nothing like this. This was guilty pleasure good.

“Buffy, you okay luv?” he asked as he started to licked the wound shut. His body was already healing, thanks to the infusion of Slayer blood.

“Hmm,” she moaned contentedly.

The crashing of the crypt door made Buffy sit up straight, Spike’s hands on her hips were the only things keeping her from falling.

“Buffy!” Angel gasped as he stood in the door. His appearance was disheveled, looking as if he’d run the whole way there, a couple of twigs sticking out of his hair.

“Oh balls…” Spike cursed, relinquishing his hold on Buffy’s hips.

“Angel, what are you doing here?” spat Buffy.

“I came to apologize, what are you doing here?” Angel demanded.

“Well, I had planned on maybe seeing if Spike was bigger than you and then seeing if he could show me program #2. You know, the one you passed out from,” she jibed. She felt Spike’s laughter reverberated through her and she wiggled a bit, making him let out a small moan.

“I did NOT pass out. I was…well…that’s not the point here. What are you really doing here? Are those bite marks on your neck!?” he questioned as he put his hands on his hips.

“Yes they are, but that’s none of your business. Now I was enjoying a perfect happy moment until you walked in. Leave. Please.”

“Buffy! Are you possessed or something?”

“No, are you? You seemed to be having a lot of fun with ‘me’ earlier,” she shouted back, using air quotes around ‘me’.

“I thought it was you. I didn’t know it was…a robot,” he said quietly.

Spike snorted, but couldn’t keep in his laughter.

“Angel, where you always this dumb? Even if it was me, remember your little curse, the perfect happiness moment clause?” she asked expectantly as she grudgingly got up from Spike’s lap.

“I…I wasn’t thinking. I just really missed you…”

“And whose fault is that? You left, you deal with it, because god knows I have. And how could you not know she wasn’t me? Hello?” She looked up to see Angel opening his mouth to answer but stopped him by putting her hand up. “You know what, never mind, I don’t want to know. Just go Angel.”

“Fine,” he said quietly. He turned around and began walking out the door. She waited till he was a few paces away before yelling after him.

“Hey Angel! Where did you get the Xena outfit? I wanna see if they have a nurse one!”

In the distance she could hear the sounds of a grown man falling over a tombstone.

Buffy turned back to Spike with a smile on her face. “Now where were we?” she asked as she closed the door and leaned against it. She felt like her skin caught on fire as Spike stared at her as he stalked towards her, stopping just within reach. His gaze pierced her and it struck her then just how blue his eyes were.

“I don’t know pet, why don’t you tell me?” He held back a groan as her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

“I think we were somewhere along the lines of…here,” she replied while she grabbed onto his belt loops, tugged him flush against her and nibbled on his throat. Spike didn’t hold back his groan this time and felt Buffy smile against his neck.

Two can play this game…Spike thought as he angled his head to attend to the marks he’d just given her; her moan when straight to his core, his pants more than uncomfortable now. He rubbed up against her, trying to ease the ache her moans were creating. Her warmth permeated him through the layers of denim, driving him on.

She needed to feel him. His cool hands were bliss on her overheated skin and she quickly shredded both their shirts, crushing her chest against his and relishing at the sensation. His hands were everywhere, stroking her back, kneading her breasts, caressing just below the waistband of her jeans; while her own mapped out the muscles on his chest, arms and back, following the sinewy lines as they flexed beneath her touch.

And his mouth…Oh god his mouth. It coursed out over her body, nipping and suckling as it went, each time inflaming her more. She tugged at his surprisingly soft curls to recapture his mouth, his hands digging into her waist as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, bathing him in the scent of her arousal.

She rubbed against him as he began walking, taking the opportunity to nibble up his jaw to his ear. He let out a hiss as she bit down his neck and worried the spot where his pulse should have been. She didn’t know what was spurring her on to do these actions: it was instinct. There was something deep within her, primal, that was leading her. So far it had all been rousing; who was she to complain?

The sudden drop made her let out a little yelp, gripping onto Spike tightly. She looked around to find herself in the lower level of the crypt. The room was dark, so dark that Buffy could barely make out the bed in the middle of the room. The rumble of Spike’s laughter set another wave of desire through her and she ground against him, causing him to stumble.

“If you keep that up pet, we’ll never make it to the bed,” he growled against her ear.

“Who said I wanted to make it to the bed?” she questioned back. Her voice was low and husky even to her own ears and she was rewarded with a groan.

“Oh Buffy…wanna do right by you…” he mumbled against her throat as he deposited her on the bed. He briefly left her, causing a whimper from the slayer to light a few candles scattered about the room. That done he stalked towards her, and the red silk sheet covered canopy bed on which she was sitting. He trailed kisses down her chest, stopping to lavish her nipples through her lacy bra before continuing down. Instead of stopping where she hope he would, he continued down and took off her shoes and socks, massaging her feet and working his way up.

Spike nuzzled against her mound and then undid her pants, his cock throbbing at the site of her lacy knickers. He slid the pants slowly down her legs, savouring every inch of skin that was exposed. He stood back and just took in the image of Buffy, her sunshine hair fanned out around her, clothed only in her lacy bits, lying against the crimson sheets, her cheeks flush and skin glowing.

“God, you’re beautiful Buffy,” he whispered adamantly. Rather than say something, she crooked her finger at him, beckoning him towards her. He began to lower himself and was suddenly flipped onto his back, Buffy settled on top of him.

“My turn.” She captured his mouth again, craving his taste. Reluctantly she pulled away, trailing down his body, dropping kisses along the way. She stopped as her eyes became level with his zipper, the obvious bulge showing his arousal. She chewed on her lip as she undid the button and lowered the zipper, his erection standing predominantly amongst his dark curls.

Spike wiggled his hips in efforts to get his pants off. Buffy grabbed a hold of the waistband and pulled down, her nails scratching lightly down his legs. She knelt back, enjoying the view of his alabaster skin in the candlelight, skimming over his body the same way he had hers.

“I think some one has too many clothes on,” Spike said as he rose up on his elbows.

“What you going to do about it?” Buffy challenged. The next thing she knew she was flopped down onto the bed, agile fingers ripping her bra and underwear from her body.

“Hey those were my favourite, OH!” Buffy’s complaint ended in a moan as Spike latched onto her exposed nipple, biting down on the pebbled nub. She bucked her hips up, trying to capture the erection she could feel against her thigh.

“Do you know what you do to me?” he questioned as he let go of one breast and attended the other. Her answer was a moan, her hands lacing through his hair as her back arched off the bed in pleasure.

“Spike…” Buffy reached down and encircled his cock, giving it a tight squeeze. He immediately let go of her nipple, a torn whimper filling the room, his hands fisting up the sheets. A smile of feminine pride lit her face and she moved her hand up and down his length.

“Oh bloody hell...” Spike’s head rested on her chest as he pumped his hips slightly. She jumped slightly as she felt his fingers begin to trace her outer lips before diving between her folds, thumbs rubbing slow circles on her clit. “Hmm, so hot…”

“Oh god!” She mewled as Spike pumped his fingers in her quim, the pleasure building up inside her; but she needed more. “Spike, need you in me, now.” His fingers leisurely pulled out and Spike resettled himself between her legs, most of his weight rested on his forearms. He stared down at her, eyes dark with desire.

“You sure luv?” Spike felt like a ponce for asking, but he had to make sure. He couldn’t do this unless she completely wanted to, his William side wouldn’t let him.

“More than sure,” she answered as she trailed her hands up his arms and locking them behind his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. His lips were soft beneath hers and she quickly opened her mouth, deepening the kiss. She broke away with a cry as Spike instantly plunged into her, losing all coherence.

“Oh god, so hot, so tight, so bloody perfect,” Spike babbled as Buffy wrapped her legs around his hips. And he was right, they were perfect; he filled her completely, hitting all the right places.

Buffy’s nails dug into his shoulder as Spike started a leisurely pace, his fingers tweaking her nipples as he nibbled on her neck and collarbone. Buffy’s hands raked down Spike’s back, making small trails of blood. He moaned against her neck and began to pick up his pace, his strokes becoming steadily faster.

“Oh god yes!”

“You like that kitten?”

“Hmm…” They continued to share frenzied kisses, their bodies moving in an ageless rhythm, her passage squeezing him.

“Yeah luv, just like that, squeeze me.” His strokes turned rapid, knowing he was close and wanting her to come with him. He tailed one hand between their bodies and began circling her clit, making her become wetter.

“Spike, Spike, Spike…” she repeated over and over, his name becoming her mantra, her hips rocking against his.

“Come with me luv,” he purred against her skin, his blunt teeth ghosting over his mark from earlier. It was calling like a siren, her blood pumping beneath the surface, so close.

“I need…Oh god I need…” Buffy was unable to say what she needed into words. She felt her neck tingle and then knew exactly what she needed. She titled her head, allowing Spike more access to her neck. She wrapped her hands around his head, pressing his blunt teeth harder into her neck. She shivered with delight as she felt him shift, his rough tongue lapping against his mark.


Her simple request drove him over the edge and he bite down, her blood filling his mouth as she screamed out her pleasure, her walls milking his cock for all it was worth. He spilled his seed, his hips continuing to pump, drawing out her orgasm. He collapsed against her chest, rolling slightly to the side and pulling her with him. He licked at his bite, sealing it shut, a soft purr emitting from his chest.

“Love you,” he murmured against her neck. She hummed contentedly, tucking herself against him, his once again hard shaft still buried within her. “Night luv.” He wrapped an arm around her securing her to him as he used the other to bring the blankets over them.

“Night Spike,” she whispered, a smile on her face as she curled tighter against him. They both soon fell asleep, bodies satisfied…for the moment.



Buffy turned over in her bed and snuggled closer to the cool body lying next to her. It was about a week later after the ‘Angel and Bot’ debacle and she was doing her best to repress the memories. She and Spike had started something after Angel had left. They hadn’t put a label on it yet but it was…nice, very nice.

After some slightly restless patrolling, and a run in with Glory’s minions, they’d thought it best to stick together, strength in numbers and what not. Really, Buffy just wanted Spike around and to have her wicked way with him. And who could blame her?

“Buffy!” Willow’s voice called again, from down stairs, closer this time.

“What?” she called out, keeping her eyes close and wrapping an arm around her vamp.

Willow pressed herself up against Buffy’s bedroom door. After the initial shock of seeing Buffy in the buff, with Spike, wrapped up in the buff, two days ago, Willow Rosenberg was willing to keep Buffy’s door closed at all times.

“Uhh, I’m not sure how to tell you this but I think we have a problem again…with the bot,” she said after a pause.

“Now what?” Buffy groaned as she opened her eyes to see Spike watching her.

“It’s missing again and uh, I’m not sure you’re going to like where it’s at.”

“Where is it Willow?!”

“Umm, Belize,” Willow answered timidly, her voice barely coming through the door.

“Belize…Belize,” Buffy repeated and then locked eyes with Spike, one word coming out.



Chapter 3: The Road to Belize

Author’s note: This Chapter was written primarily by Ariel Dawn with fab help from Bloodytearsoflife.


“Why do I have to come?” asked Dawn, hoisting a bag into the back of Spike’s black Desoto, which was parked conveniently in the driveway of 1630 Revello drive.

“Does the hell god who wants to stick you in a key hole and turn, ring any bells?” said Buffy, adding a cooler to the trunk.

“You didn’t make me go the last time you went to find the Buffy bot!” the teen whined.

Buffy sighed impatiently. “No, but that was because we were only going to LA. This is a whole other country.”

“I don’t see why we have to go and get the thing anyway? Why can’t we leave the bot with Riley?”

Buffy looked up with shock at her little sister. “Please tell me you are kidding!”

All the answer Buffy got from the pest she called sister was a smirk and a toss of brown hair before Dawn headed back into the house.

“I’m going to kill her before we get there,” muttered Buffy, and turned to her red headed witch friend who had been putting her computer stuff in the back seat. “I am going to be wearing a Dawn hat on the way home. I’ll be stopped at the boarder for murder. But they’ll understand right? I mean everyone...anyone with a little sister would understand. On...on top of which she’s not even real....”

“You aren’t going to kill Dawn.“ Willow paused. “But have you thought about how crushed we are going to be on the way back?” asked Willow.

“Maybe, Riley will be so embarrassed that the Buffy Bot is a robot, that he’ll pay for a flight home?” suggested Buffy.

“We can only hope,” said Willow. “Otherwise, I see sardines as the new look for spring.”

“That is of course if the bot is anywhere near Riley....And have I mentioned how angry I am that the bot is out and jumping my ex boyfriends again?” Buffy raised an eye brow in Willow’s direction.

“I’m sorry, I got distracted...” muttered the witch, her facing beginning to turn an unnatural shade of red.

“By the Tara lovin’,” came Dawn’s voice from the doorway of the house. “Does Spike even have a CD player in that hunk of junk?”

“Oy!” protested the vampire in question from just behind the teen.

Spike glared at Dawn menacingly for a moment and muttered something about ’kids today.’ He had been standing in the front entrance way of the house, watching his girls and the witch pack his baby up with stuff for the trip.

He had that manly urge to take over, convinced that they were doing it wrong. Sadly the sun’s deadly rays prevented him from putting in his two cents worth.

“The adapter is in the junk drawer in the kitchen,” said Buffy rolling her eyes, a small smile playing on her lips.

Dawn flounced back into the house, past Spike.

“This is going to be a long trip isn’t it?” asked Willow.

“You betcha.”

“Are we taking bets as to when Dawn dies a horrible death by the Buffy hand?” asked Willow with a glint in her eye.

“I got a twenty that says she doesn’t make it out of Mexico!” said Spike.


It was a pretty good system, or so Willow had thought at first. Everyone would get to play one complete tape or CD, with no griping by any of the other parties in the car. This would lead to everyone having their way and no ‘Angry Dawn’ when her music selection was unceremoniously thrown out the window. It was a good system. Too bad it lasted all of 30mins.

“I’m not listening to that garbage a second longer!”

Willow had expected to hear those words, yes, out of Spike’s mouth, or even Buffy’s but not Dawn‘s.

“It’s the Sex Pistols, Bit, not garbage. I shudder to think who trained you up in musical appreciation. Wasn’t the watcher, now he’s got a good ear. You never heard of the Pistols?” asked Spike, his eyes leaving the road and turning to look at Dawn in the back seat with her arms crossed and very grumpy.

“The road Spike! Look at the road!” almost screamed Willow, as the Desoto veered into oncoming traffic.

“Dawnie, we agreed,” said Buffy trying to be the mediator.

“You agreed! I didn’t. This is nothing more than a Car Dictatorship!”

Spike snorted.

“He even threw one of my tapes out the window last time! Why should I listen to him and his vampire music?” ranted the teen.

“K, how about we don’t listen to music then?” said Buffy. “We could have a discussion about something?”

“Oh yeah, cause that’s so much better,” muttered Dawn, staring out the freshly cleaned windows of the Desoto.

Buffy had spent the better part of the day scrapping paint off the windows and to be truthful, Dawn was eternally grateful. The passing landscape was certainly better seen now than trying to look out through chipping paint. Still didn’t change the fact that she hated being stuck in the car, with her sister the Slayer, her sister’s vampire boyfriend and her sister’s best friend the witch.

This wasn’t going to be a trip filled with rainbows and puppies. They had been on the road for half an hour and already the griping had begun.

Spike swore he was going to stake himself before the night was over; but then he looked over at Buffy and knew it was a complete lie. Bloody chit has me wrapped around her damn baby finger.

“How long is this trip going to take?” sighed Willow.

“Makes you wish you hadn’t gotten distracted, doesn’t it?” noted Buffy.

“Oh no,” replied Willow. “I had good times, distraction wise.”

“That is totally delving into the realm of TMI, you know,” glared Dawn.


They stopped in New Mexico for breakfast. They had left Sunnydale immediately after sunset and had driven all night. It reminded Buffy of a Cindy Lauper song. Except she wasn’t driving all night to get to someone she loved, she was driving all night to get her robot double away from the man she used to date.

The drive had gone a lot better once Dawn had fallen asleep. Willow’s silent pattering on the computer could put anyone to sleep. Buffy herself had snuggled up to Spike and dozed for a few hours, her head on his lap. Of course he had other ideas about what she should do while she had her head there.

Now, sitting across from Dawn and Willow, who was practically falling asleep into her south western omelette, and with Spike’s hand wandering where it was indecent for him to go when they were in a public place, Buffy was preparing herself for her shift as driver. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to drive, it was just that she had a learners permit versus Willow who hadn’t even taken the course. Buffy had taken the course several times, she just wasn’t any good at the actual driving thing.

“We are all going to die, aren’t we?” said Dawn stirring her milkshake that she had forced Buffy to buy for her even thought it was 7: 30 in the morning. “I won’t have to worry about being used as a key, I’ll be dead on the side of the road, my body lying in a ditch for some crow or vulture to start eating.” Her face scrunching up at the mental image.

Willow and Buffy pushed their plates away as a look of green covered their faces. Spike on the other hand happily sipped his blood, that was brought in from the car happily.

Buffy looked queasy at the sight of her boyfriend drinking blood. “Ug, I’ll be in the bathroom.”

When Spike followed her there not too long after, Dawn rolled her eyes. “If they think they are having sex in the washroom of Denny’s...”

Dawn got up and headed to the bathroom too. What she found was not the intense make out session that she had predicted. Peering around the corner, she saw Buffy, calmly washing her hands, and Spike standing behind her, wiggling her ears in the mirror.

“Spike...” warned Buffy. “Cut it out please.”

“I’m not doing a blessed thing, love, no one here, just look in the mirror,” he said all innocent like.

“Uh huh.”

Dawn rolled her eyes and went back to her seat, with Willow.

I guess they really aren’t that bad together, better than the gag fest with Riley all the time.

Back in the bathroom, Buffy and Spike resumed what they had been doing before they were interrupted by the not so stealthy Dawn. Backed into a stall and up against the door, Spike was attacked by Buffy’s lips, her hands crawling up underneath his shirt, her nails raking tracks against his alabaster skin.

His own hands worked on the button of her jeans, shaking with desire, his lips covering hers causing breathless gasps as she inhaled air, Spike slid his hand past her now open jeans and under her panties. She was wet and responsive, as his initial strokes to her clit demonstrated.

Sliding his fingers back and forth over her entrance, Spike had to cover her mouth with his even more to keep the moaning from escaping her throat.

Her own hands abandoned his chest for more ambitious pursuits, and had crawled their way to his waist band, and popped the button on his jeans. Sliding the zipper down, Buffy took him out, giving his hard length a good stroke or two before, beginning to push her own pants off.

She knew what she wanted and she knew that it was only a matter of time before Dawn or Willow came looking for them. And after they got back into the car, there was another horribly long time that she would be sitting beside him but not able to do the naughty things that popped into her head. She was so not looking forward to that.

Getting one leg free of her constricting pants, Buffy wrapped her arms around Spike’s neck and hopped up, allowing him to catch her, and slowly sank down on his hard and dripping cock. Spike turned so that she was the one pressed up against the door and began sliding in and out of her hot passage.

Buffy had a brief thought for the stall wall’s stability as Spike’s thrusts began to get harder and had more urgency behind them.

Buffy leaned forward and ran her teeth over his neck, eliciting a growl from the vampire.

“You like that?” she asked in a whisper.

“Do it again,” he more ordered than asked.

Buffy ran her teeth over his neck again, this time biting down a little with her blunt human teeth.

Spike growled again and with renewed energy, upped the tempo of his thrusts and set about his own exploration of her neck.

Running his tongue up and down the marks he had given her when she fed him from the source, he began biting, first with human teeth, nibbling really, then as his climax and hers neared completion, Spike shifted into game face and bit down.

Taking a few sips, and hearing her gasp of pleasure, Spike licked the wound clean, his thrusts slowing then finally sliding out of her, letting her feet slip to the ground.

“Yummy?” she asked.

“Best there is love,” he noted, putting himself away.

Buffy slipped on the other leg of her pants and placed a kiss on Spike’s cheek. “We’d better be getting back in there, Dawn’s liable to come looking for us again.”


Two hours later, the mood of the travellers could be told by the expressions on their faces. Spike was peacefully asleep in the back seat, Buffy was happily humming along to her Discman, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. The looks on Willow and Dawn’s faces though, were of pure unadulterated, terror.

“Maybe we should pull over until Spike wakes up Buffy,” said a very worried for her life Willow.

Buffy didn’t hear her.


After three more bathroom brakes, leaving Spike in the car, sound asleep, and lunch at Mc Donald’s, Buffy resumed her daring drive to the boarder with confidence. She hadn’t had a single accident yet, Well if you didn’t count that slight encounter with the garbage can in the Mc Donald’s parking lot.

When Spike awoke they were nearly to the boarder and Willow almost gave Spike a hug.

“Please, don’t let her drive anymore!” the witch begged.

“What? Are you going to do it? Don’t see you with the scrap of paper that says you took the bloody test,” Spike taunted.

“I bet you never took a driving test in your life,” noted Dawn. “You were already vamped when they invented cars.”

“I’m older than dirt, happy now?” said Spike smugly. “Mark of achievement it is, to be around after all this time, shows character, and strength and ingenuity...”

“And luck,” finished Buffy.

“And luck,” Spike conceded.

“Your turn!” bubbled Buffy, as she clumsily steered the car to the side of the road.

Willow got out and climbed into the back seat while Spike gracefully climbed over the front seat, Buffy sliding over into the passenger side.

“Sleepy time now,” the slayer yawned.

“Ya, right, just be ready with your passport when you get to the boarder, love,” Spike settled himself, starting up the car and resumed driving.

“It’s in the back pocket of my pants, Spike, you get it out,” she yawned, and put her head down on his lap as a pillow.

“While you are down there love...” Spike started in a low whisper.

“Sleepy, you got some in Denny’s,” she murmured, nuzzling his thigh as Spike clenched his jaw, his knuckles turning white on the steering wheel.

“I knew that’s what you guys were doing in there! Ug! I can’t believe I’m related to you!” huffed Dawn.

But Buffy was already asleep.


The car was idling as they waited in line at the boarder, passports in hand, and wilting from the stifling heat. Well all except Spike, who was tapping out a rhythm on the steering wheel while wearing his duster and all black garb.

“God you make me hot just by looking at you,” said Buffy, waving her passport as s fan.

Turning to look at her and cocking his head to the side, Spike gave the slayer an appreciative leer.

Finally realizing her double entendre, Buffy blushed, and whacked the vampire with her passport.

“Ewww, not that way!”

“Aw, come on love, been stuck in this car, all day and half the night, I think it’s time we got to stretch our legs.”

“Ewwww!” cried Dawn in the back seat. “Get a room!”

Buffy ignored the cringing teen in the back seat. “My point was, you look unnatural wearing all those clothes! Everyone’s gonna be suspicious.”

“Should I take some of my clothes off then? Should I take off my shirt so you can ogle my goodies?”

“T-There will be no ogling Spike!”

“But there will be,” he said taking off his duster and throwing it over the seat, landing on Willow’’s ever functioning computer.

“Hey!” protested the witch.

Spike was about to pull off his tee shirt when a giggle erupted from the back seat.

“Oh my god, Buffy! You have to see his passport photo!” exclaimed Dawn.

Dawn handed up the document to the front seat, swatting away Spike’s hand as he reached for it. Buffy looked at the photo for a moment and smiled.

“Spike has dimples!” exploded Dawn, clutching at her sides from laughing.

“William Thomas Blood?” asked Buffy looking at the name on the passport and quirking an eyebrow.

“Well my middle name couldn’t very well be ‘the’ now could it?”

“You could have used your real middle name, or your real whole name for that matter,” observed Willow.

“Right, and have the council of wankers after me for their bloody papers and books again. No thank you. Did you read the garbage that Lydia bird wrote about me? Bollocks the whole lot. Not one soddin‘ thing right.”

“I didn’t read it...” muttered Willow, feeling like she should have read it.

“I did,” said Buffy happily. “It was funny too, how she mixed up who sired you, and how old you were and why you were called William the Bloody.”

“I thought that was cause, you know, the blood?” said Willow.

“No...funny actually, he was called that because...”

Spike cut her off.

“Don’t you dare!” her barked.

“Dare what?” she teased.

“You are this close missy...”

“What are you gonna scold me again?” she taunted.

The car in front of them pulled up and Spike was momentarily distracted by the customs official. But she would pay later, he was sure about that.


When they switched drivers again they were in Mexico. Spike got out to stretch his legs while everyone switched seats, the sun starting to lighten the horizon.

“What are you two doing?” Spike questioned with a raised eyebrow as Willow and Dawn both got out of the car and hugged the ground. “I’m hugging the world goodbye,” Willow replied, Dawn agreeing with her.

“Hey!” Buffy shouted indignantly from the car. “My driving’s not that bad…”

Buffy wasn’t finding the difference between her driving skills and the driving skills of other people on the road, she thought she was doing ok.

“I’m gonna get an ulcer,” muttered Willow. “It’s the stress of watching you drive, and being in the same car while you are driving.”

“Oh be quiet Willow.”

“Couldn’t you just do a spell to get us there faster? Or make it so Buffy can’t kill us?” offered Dawn.

“I already have a cloaking spell over the car, to keep Glory from finding us, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix more spells into the ...ah...mix.”

“Spoilsport,” said Dawn, looking out the window.


A couple of days later, the exhausted and weary travellers crossed the boarder into Belize. Following Willow’s computer they were led into a secluded area, and finally down a long road leading to a fenced in compound. Stopping outside the gate, which was guarded by soldiers à la initiative, Buffy looked apprehensively at her travel companions.

“If you get me arrested, I’m never talking to you again,” said Dawn, who had looked up from painting Spike’s finger nails black while he slept under a blanket beside her.

Buffy sighed and turned to look at Willow.

“The computer says that the bot is in there, Buffy,” confirmed Willow.

“Then in we go.” Buffy pulled the car closer to the barricade and rolled down the window.

“Hi!” she greeted in a much higher tone than she normally would have. “I’m here to see...”

“You’re Buffy’s twin sister aren’t you! Betty right?” said the guard with a smile on his face.


“I mean you look just like her. I know she said she had a twin, but I didn’t think you’d look so much alike,” continued the guard.


“I’m Elton by the way, Finn’s my commander, I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic that you have come to visit.”

“Right....“Buffy drawled, her lips in a tight smile. “Can you tell me...”

“Oh, right, They live in the third bungalow on the right. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Elton, I’ll be sure to do that.”

Buffy watched as the gate went up and Elton waved her through.

“That was odd,” said Willow.

“Intensely,” agreed Buffy. “Now you wanna explain why the bot is calling me Betty?”

Willow gave her a nervous smile and busied herself with the computer

They had been let onto what seemed like a mini military base, complete with identical matching houses and jeeps parked in drive ways.

Buffy pulled into the drive way of the third bungalow on the right and put the car in park.

“Are we there yet?” moaned Spike from under his blanket.

“Ya, we are there. Dawn stay in the car,” ordered Buffy.


“No buts, I don’t know what’s in there, and after the bot and Angel...well just believe me when I say ick.”

“Fine,” muttered the teen, crossing her arms and staring defiantly out the window.

Buffy stepped out of the car, followed by Willow. Buffy turned around when Spike still hadn’t gotten out of the car.


“What! I’m up!” he said, his voice still deep from sleep.

Dawn snickered.

“It’s the middle of the bloody afternoon!”

“Never stopped you before, so get your blanket and get your tight ass out of the car!”


Buffy found the door unlocked, so, carefully she, Willow and Spike made their way into the bungalow.

The floors were shiny, the house smelled like potpourri.

“It’s like June Cleaver lived here,” noted Willow.

The click clack of high heel shoes on wood floors caught their attention and from down the hallway the Buffy bot came, dressed like, yes of course, June Cleaver. The bot’s own golden locks pinned up and styled replicating the TV mom of legend.

“Oh welcome guests!” gushed the bot. “Welcome to my home. Willow! Spike! Unpleasant Buffy!”

“You ran away again,” chided Willow.

“Yes, I did. Riley needs me,” said the bot.

“No, he doesn’t,” barked Buffy.

“But he told me he does. He loves me, and I love him,” explained the bot.

“Oh god...” muttered Buffy. “Willow! Do something!”

“Oh, right,” Willow reached out to touch the bot and find her on/off switch. Buffy bot stepped back.

“I won’t let you take me back. Riley needs me!”

“Spike?” asked Willow, pointing at the bot.

“Right.” Spike moved behind the bot and grabbed hold of her arms to keep her still.

“No! Spike! let me go!” the bot protested.

“Not bloody likely,” he muttered.

He was, however unprepared for the bot’s quick turn around and the punch that flew at his nose.

“Ow! Bloody hell!” he moaned cradling his nose between his two hands.

“Wimp,” muttered Buffy.

Buffy leapt at the bot and knocked it to the floor. The bot was kicking and screaming up a fuss.

“Spike!?! A little help?” asked Buffy annoyed.

Spike grabbed the bots’ shoulders again and pressed it to the floor.

“Willow!” called Buffy.

Hesitantly, trying to keep out of the Buffy bot’s flailing legs, Willow approached. Unfortunately the moment she got close enough to turn the bot off, it kicked and threw both Buffy and Willow into the wall, leaving Spike holding the bot down.

The door to the bungalow opened and in walked Riley Finn, decked out in military garb,

“What the hell is going on here?” yelled the commando. “Spike!”

Riley rushed at Spike and pushed him off the bot.

“What the hell are you doing to Buffy!” yelled Riley.

“Leave off white bread, The slayer and I are on a little trip, ya?” said Spike as he pushed himself up off the ground.

“Help! Riley they want to take me back with them!” the bot shouted, sitting up in an unnatural fashion.

“Take you back where, You aren’t going anywhere. I need you!” exclaimed Riley giving the bot a hug.

“I told them that but they didn’t believe me,” the bot replied earnestly

Riley took the bot’s hand and helped her up off the ground, once standing he kissed her hand.

“You are my wife and I would never let anyone take you anywhere you don’t want to go,” he cooed as the bot pressed itself against Riley.

“She’s your what!” cried Buffy at last standing up from her previous position as a lump on the floor.


Chapter 4: Coming Out

Author’s note: This is written primarily by BloodyTearsOfLife with some tweakage by the lovely Ariel Dawn.


“She’s your what?” cried Buffy at last standing up from her previous position as a lump on the floor.

Riley did a double take as he finally acknowledged Buffy’s presence. His comically wide eyes darted between the real Buffy and the Bot.

“What? Huh? Buf…” the words died on Riley’s lips as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and fainted, the Bot catching him easily.

“Wanker,” Spike mumbled as he tested out his nose.

“What did you do to him?” the Bot demanded, putting her hands on her hips and Riley dropped to the floor with a thud. The Bot glanced down confused before picking up Riley again, a large bruise forming on his temple.

“I didn’t do anything to him, he fainted. Just put him on the couch. Willow,” Buffy turned, staring hard at the witch. “Think you can wake him up?” Her gaze letting Willow know she wasn’t happy with the situation.

“Uh…ye-yeah. I think so,” Willow answered timidly. ‘Want me to shut the Bot off too? She seems distracted?” she asked Buffy telepathically.

‘Yes please!’ Buffy answered back.

Willow sat down next to Riley, and while the Bot distressed over Riley, Willow managed to shut her off, her hand frozen in mid stroke on Riley‘s arm.

“You okay?” Buffy asked Spike, turning towards him. His nose was slightly red but other than that he looked fine.

“Nothin’ different than how you normally rough me up,” he replied with a chuckle and Buffy playfully slapped him on the arm.

“Okay guys, I think he’s coming to,” Willow called out.

Riley’s eyes began to open and he sat up, staring around disoriented, his eyes locking on Buffy.


“Yeah, that’s me.” Buffy gave a little wave, her lips together in a thin line, though her whole stance screamed ‘Slayer’, and Spike had to pull his duster tighter around him to hide his reaction.

“Wait, if you’re Buffy, then who is this?” Riley turned to the lifeless Bot and let out a girly yell.

“OW! Vamp hearing here!” Spike growled rubbing his offended ears. “You’re worse than bloody Dawn…” he mumbled.

“Oh can it bleach brain,” Riley automatically retorted before looking back at Buffy bewildered. “So, what? Huh?”

“She’s a robot,” Buffy explained and Riley blinked at her.

“She’s a robot?” His obviously blank expression showing he didn’t understand.


As the information sunk in, Riley’s face contorted in disgust. “I’ve been sleeping with a robot!”  Riley‘s face shifted into what Buffy could only describe as revulsion. “I’ve been violated.”

“You?” exclaimed Buffy.  “What about me? You married her you big dummy! Now we have to get a divorce!” Her anger growing with the fact that Riley was only worried that he’d been sleeping with a robot.

“Don’t worry pet, we’ll get it sorted,” Spike interjected, grabbing onto her hand and giving it a squeeze.

“I feel dirty...” muttered Buffy.

The idea of being married to Riley, while not too long ago an appealing idea, brought out a shade of green on Buffy’s face that previously had been reserved for Dawn’s weird food concoctions.

Buffy leaned into Spike’s lean form and closed her eyes breathing in his distinct scent.

“Wait, you two, together?” Riley asked, his eyes begging Buffy to say no.

It took Buffy a while to open her eyes to answer Riley.

“Yeah, we’re together,” Buffy finally answered, feeling better that she’d gotten it out. Spike flashed her a smile that made her knees weak and she could see the awe in his eyes at her words.

A quick look at Willow showed her giving a smile of encouragement. Buffy looked back at Riley and sighed when she saw him.

He’d passed out again.


“So let me get this straight, you married her and not once did you notice it wasn’t me?” Buffy questioned from her spot across from Riley at the table, who was holding an icepack to his head and nursing a strong cup of coffee.

Once they’d managed to rouse Riley again, they’d ushered him into the kitchen, where cookies were sitting in the middle of the table and a pot of coffee was steaming on the counter.

“I thought she was you. Yeah, she acted a bit strange but you were always quirky like that,” Riley said, defending himself.

Buffy rolled her eyes and then closed them, trying to control her anger. Right now in her mind’s eye, Riley’s decapitated head was rolling through the jungle. Buffy forced herself to be calm.

“Whatever Riley, all I want is to find some divorce papers and have you sign them.” Buffy tried keeping her voice down since Dawn was in the living room watching TV, or what passed for TV here.

“But Buffy, don’t you see what this means? Technically we’re married, we can be together now. I know that we didn’t part on the best terms, but here’s our chance to start over,” he pleaded, making the best puppy dogs eyes he could make which only rendered him to look incredibly stupid.

“Riley, are you insane? You gave me an ultimatum after I found out that you were getting sucked on by vamp hoes, and now you just want to pretend none of that happened and have me be married to you?!” Buffy shouted and Spike sprawled a hand on her back, kneading the tight muscles there in an effort to calm her, even though he more than wanted to give the git a nice pummeling.

“Buffy, I…” Riley continued on though Buffy didn’t hear a word of it. Spike’s hand was working magic on her back and made her think up a lot of ideas of what she’d rather him be doing with those hands. She really need to get out of here before she said to hell with it and jumped the vamp.

“Look Riley, this is how it’s going to go,” Buffy spoke up, stopping Riley in the middle of his tirade. “We are NOT getting back together. We,” she motioned to Spike and herself, “Are going to go find someplace to stay for the night and then I will find a lawyer and get some divorce papers. You WILL sign them when I come back tomorrow, okay?”

Riley looked up and realized the Buffy was completely serious. Then he saw the way she was allowing Spike to touch her and felt completely disgusted.

“Fine. I don’t want you anyways, you let that thing touch you.” It was a last ditch effort on the commando’s part, and he knew it.

Spike stood up so fast his chair knocked over. He leaned over the table, staring pure rage at Riley, game face on.

“If you bloody ever talk to Buffy like that again, you’re going to find out exactly how I got my lil’ nickname. I may not be able to do it myself but I certainly know some demons that would love to get their hands on one of the soldier boys that held them captive.” He flashed his fangs relishing in the fear that was wafting off Riley, who’d stayed still. “And now I know where you live, you better bloody believe that I just might use that to my advantage. Might even make myself a pretty penny for the information. Now that I think about it, would be a right smart idea to do when I get to Sunnyhell. So what do you say soldier boy, should I sell your location to all those demons dying to get their hands on you?”

Spike stared disgusted at the git when the strong smell of urine assaulted his nostrils, his demon enjoying that he’d scared the wanker senseless. Spike growled in repulsion before pulling back, holding out a hand for Buffy. She instantly grabbed onto it, calling back to Riley over her shoulder.

“I’ll be back tomorrow and you better be here!”


“Have I told you how bloody gorgeous you are?” Spike asked as he nipped his way down her naked body, taking in a deep breath as he stopped in front of her sex.

They had found a hotel nearby and secured two rooms with the money that Spike had swiped from Riley when he’d been unconscious. Not that Buffy knew that of course.

“Spike!” Buffy pleaded, her breathing was ragged, her hands fisted into the bed sheets. Spike had been teasing her for the last 15 minutes and if he didn’t really touch her soon… well, she really didn’t want to think about that because he had to touch her or she was going to explode from frustration.

“Yes kitten?” Spike trailed his fingers along her outer lips but never entering her folds.

“Spike, I swear to god that if you don’t stop teasing I’m going to go back to Riley’s and-” Buffy never got to finish her sentence because the next thing she knew Spike surged up her body and buried his cock in her to the hilt, causing her words to die in her throat and gasp out at the sensation.

“There will be no mention of the wanker when we’re together, got it?” Spike growled against her throat, the vibrations releasing a new flood of moisture from Buffy as he thrust into her. His demon had seen red when she’d said Riley’s name and now he fought back against it; it was howling for him to claim her, to mark her as his forever.

Buffy’s mewling only served to spur him on and his thrusts took on a frantic pace. Her nails dug into his back, drawing half crescent moons into the smooth surface. The scent of his blood in the air brought his demon completely forward and he buried his face in her neck, trying to push it back.

“Spike?” Buffy knew that Spike was in game face, she could not only feel it against her neck but something deep within her felt the change.

“Yeah love?” he rasped against her neck, pressing soft kisses to it.

“Look at me.” Buffy gently pulled his head up, entwining her fingers through his hair and staring into his amber eyes. Her lithe hands traced over his ridges before pulling him closer and kissing him.

His fangs cut into her lips and Spike groaned as he licked it up the welting blood, sealing the wounds as he did so. Her inner muscles rippled against his cock and Spike picked up the pace again knowing that he wasn’t going to last too long. His hands gripped onto her hips, tilting them so he hit her spot on every downward thrust. Soon Buffy was writhing beneath him, his name a chant from her lips.

Buffy pulled Spike as closely as she could, his cooler skin sending shivers down her overheated body. She rested her forehead against his as she stared into his amber eyes as their bodies continued to rock against each other. She looked at his demon visage and realized she wanted this; she wanted HIM, all of him and she wanted him all to herself.

With an instinct she didn’t know she had, she swiftly moved forward, biting down on his neck, drawing blood and licking it up.

“Mine,” she rasped out, never letting go of his neck.

“Yours,” he managed to squeeze out before his fangs sheath themselves in her neck, drinking down her blood, sending Buffy spiraling into what seemed like an everlasting orgasm. With the slayer blood on his tongue and the way her inner muscles were strangling his cock, Spike finally gave in, coming with a roar, his cool seed feeling her womb.

“Mine,” he growled against her neck, continuing to attend to his mark, his body lying fluidly against hers.

“Yours, always yours,” she answered, her own tongue running over her own marks.

They lay in the afterglow together, contented to be as they were. Once Spike came down from his high, he stared at Buffy in awe and shock, hoping that she’d realized exactly what happened. He closed himself off, prepared for her rejection.

Buffy pulled back enough to look into his eyes, the new claim signaling her into what was going on inside Spike.

“Don’t,” she commanded.


“Don’t question it. If I didn’t want it to happen, I wouldn’t have done it. I’m not completely blonde you know. I do know what claims are. I’m the one who initiated it. You didn’t have to counter it. It should be me who’s doing the questioning, not you.” Buffy cupped his face, wiping the lone tear that had fallen. “So Spike, you regret it?”

“No, not for the world,” he told her before capturing her lips in a gentle kiss. “Love you.”

Buffy felt the genuine feeling through the claim and had to fight back the tears she knew were gathering in her eyes. “I’m sorry Spike, I can’t-”.

Spike cut her off by kissing her, pulling back when she needed oxygen. “It’s okay kitten, I understand. When I say it, it’s because I want you to know. There isn’t a day when we’re together that I don’t want you to know I love you. It’s sudden and I realize that. I can wait. I’ve got eternity and so do we now.”

Spike placed one last chaste kiss on her lips and then rolled onto his back, pulling Buffy towards him. She curled up against him feeling safe and content, but most of all, feeling loved.


The pounding on the door of Riley’s house woke him up the next afternoon. His head was spinning and the empty bottles around him were a testament to what he had been doing since Buffy had shown up the day before.

“Come on, lil’ bit faster you ponce, some of us are spontaneously combustible!”

Riley finally made it to the door, unlocking it, his movements slow and lethargic. He flew back into the wall as Spike dashed into the room, Buffy right behind him, closing the door and pausing at the pile of Riley on the floor.

“Spike, look what you did. I think you knocked him out again. I need him to be conscious for him to sign the papers you dummy,” she chided.

“Don’t fret love, he’s still awake. By the smells of it, he might be sporting one killer head ache,” Spike commented as he dropped his blanket and straightened out his clothes.

“Yeah ewww, what is that smell?” Buffy asked as her face scrunched up.

“That’d be Captain Cardboard.”

A closer look at Riley proved him to still be wearing the clothes he’d been wearing when they had arrived the day before, complete with urine smell.


Riley let out a groan before unsteadily making it to his feet.

“Buffy?” he question, swaying on his feet.

“Yeah. Uh, could you just sign these? All the one by the red arrows,” she instructed, handing him a set of papers and a pen.

“So this is it? That’s okay. I got news for you myself. I’m gay.” Riley confessed, looking sober for the moment and Buffy felt her eyes widen as Spike stood beside her, trying not to break into giggles and failing horribly.

The idea was ridiculous, that Riley was gay. Unless he was hiding it really well, her brain reasoned.

“I knew it was a robot the whole time. It gave me a good cover. No one would think a thing about Captain Finn when he had his loving wife by his side, nope. Now I’m going to have to figure out another plan,” continued Riley, not even waiting for the vampire to stop his snickering.

Buffy decided to take the high road.

“Riley, I’m glad you told me but you could just please sign the papers?” she begged, wanting to be out of there fast.

“Oh yeah, sure.” Riley somehow managed to sign the papers and hand them back to Buffy.

“Thanks,” she replied as she took them. “Ready to make a mad dash again?” she asked turning towards Spike.

“Yeah, just make sure Nibs has the back door open,” Spike answered as he gathered up his blanket again. Buffy popped her head out the door, signaling for Dawn to open the back door. Spike made a run as Buffy opened the door. She lingered there for a second, feeling slightly sorry for Riley.

“Um, thanks again Riley. Sorry about the whole Bot mess,” she said trying to make herself feel better.

“That’s okay. Hey, could I have Xander’s number? He always seemed a little, you know, different,” asked Riley.

Buffy’s eyes went wide, trying to decide if he was for real.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Buffy answered while trying to hold her laughter in. “Anya and him are pretty serious.”

“Oh,” he said crestfallen before gaining hope again. “What about Angel?”

Buffy thought about it for a second before tearing off a corner of the divorce papers and scribbling down Angel’s phone number and handing it to Riley. She was mad enough at both of them now that the idea of putting Riley on Angel’s tail wasn’t a bad idea.

“Oh thanks Buffy, you’re the best,” Riley gushed.

“Don’t mention it,” she said over her shoulder as she ran to the car.

“We so need to get home. I don’t think I could be more wigged at the moment,” said Buffy as she got into the car.

“Why? What happened?” Willow asked from the passenger seat.

“I’ll tell you on the way home. It’ll make a good story.”


The End

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