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Sunscreen and Sand

Title: Sunscreen and Sand
Author: BloodyTearsOfLife
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the Joss, he just let’s me play with them.
Summary: What if Spike hadn't looked for the Gem of Amara back in Season 4? What if he had waited until after he had gotten chipped? A chipped Spike, a recently found Gem of Amara, and a Slayer taking a day off at the beach. What hijinks could sun, sand, and the Slayer get up to with Spike on the beach? Summer S4. PW1/2P.

AN: Big thanks to Ariel Dawn for betaing this and helping me out with the title and summary. You're fab! Suddenly, you’ve got all the ammo you need.


The resonating warmth of the sand through Buffy’s towel was soothing. The sun overhead heated the surface of her skin, which lay protected beneath a copious amount of sunscreen.

She’d finally had taken a day just for herself, treating herself to a pedicure in the morning and now here she was, bikini clad and sprawled out on a beach towel in the afternoon sun, checking out all the salty goodness around her.

Though it was the middle of the week, the beach proved to be rather busy. After endless silent nights of patrolling, she welcomed the noise of the sandy shore. She sat back, watching the few kids that were playing in the cold water and a group of guys who were passing by. She flashed them a smile but continued to look on. They were too ‘Riley-like’ for her. She’d already done that; that road led to boringness and more boringness.

Half an hour later, she let out a sigh, giving up on finding a guy to do some shameless flirting with. Just as she thought about picking up her stuff and leaving, her eyes landed on the most scrumptious body she’d ever seen. She started at his feet, working her way up to a pair of red and black shorts that hung low on lean hips. Her eyes raked over his defined abs and chest, lingering over his arms before looking up.

Then there was his face. His bottom full lip was just begging to be nipped and his cheekbones were so swoon worthy. His eyes were unfortunately hidden behind sunglasses but his shock of peroxide hair stood at full attention, reminding her of Spike; but it couldn’t be him, no way could he walk out in the sun with his flammable status. He did look about her height, and the paleness of his skin sparked a suspicion in her head but she brushed it off. She’d finally found her hottie; there was nothing that was going to stop her from flirting with him.

And if he was Spike? She was so tired of dancing around this little thing they had, there was no denying it existed. It couldn’t be denied, ever since Willow did her ‘my will be done’ spell anyways. And if it so just happened to be him, she’d still planned on flirting with him, if only to figure out what was up between the two of them.

Spike sensed a stare and looked over to see the Slayer lying with little more than scraps of material covering her bits. It took all his willpower not to show how much she affected him, his duster wasn’t around to cover it up. He did a double take when he saw her nod her head at him, beckoning him. He wasn’t sure if the Slayer recognized him or not. He decided she didn’t when she curled her finger at him; he was helpless to do anything but follow.

Full swagger in place, he walked the few feet to her side, staring down at her petite body.

Buffy stared up and knew it was Spike. Her slayer tingles had gone off and that feeling that only he brought swelled in the bottom of her stomach. How the heck he was out in the middle of the day and not going up into flames, she didn’t know, but at the moment, she could care less.

“Think you could help a girl out and put some sunscreen on my back?” Buffy batted her eyelashes as she held out the bottle of sunscreen.

Spike stared, dumbstruck for the moment. Was this really the Slayer batting her eyelashes at him and asking for him to touch her? Stepping out into the sunlight for the first time had seemed surreal, and now with this, Spike wasn’t sure if he’d in fact dusted and this was his heaven.

“Sure love,” he answered, not even thinking to mask his accent and was rewarded with a big smile from the Slayer. He took the bottle from her hands and kneeled on the towel behind her. Buffy swept her hair up, giving him an unrestricted view of her neck and back.

As Spike began applying the sunscreen, he had to hold back the groan that came unbidden as he kneaded her muscles, her skin smooth and silky beneath his hands.

Buffy let out a low moan as Spike hit a particularly sore spot. The difference between his cooler hands and her heated skin was hypnotic.

Spike continued to work her muscles until he undid the last of the knots in her back. He reluctantly took his hands away from her skin and smirked as she leaned back a bit, trying to keep in contact with his hands.

“Anything else I could do for you pet?” he asked as she turned around, her eyes pinning him.

“I think I might have to have you do that every night after patrol,” she answered, letting Spike know that she knew his identity.

“I suppose I could do that. Comes with a price though.” A simple plan was forming in his head. If the Slayer was letting him get this far, he might as well push his luck.

“And what would that be?” she asked as she reached up and took off his sunglasses. His azure blue eyes seemed bluer in the sun even as he blinked against the brightness.

“A kiss.”

“A kiss? Just a single kiss, that’s it?” He nodded his head. Buffy bit down on her lip, considering it. One single kiss for that massage was a steal. His hands were magic, knowing exactly where and how to touch. It led her thoughts very far into the gutter, like how else it would feel to have those nimble hands in other areas. And it was only a kiss, right? Nothing could really change with one kiss. Plus, she’d already told herself she was going to figure out exactly what was between the two of them.

She looked up to find Spike waiting for her answer.


The widening of his eyes told her that he expected her to say no. She was internally smug that she’d managed to shock him.

An awkward silence filled the air and she let out a nervous giggle. Why was she nervous all the sudden? It was just Spike.

His hand reached out, cupping around her neck and pulling her forward, and as if in slow motion, they both leaned forward, their lips barely brushing the other. Spike, now realizing that this may just be real, kissed her again with more force. His other hand grasped her hip, tugging her closer to him, her own hands curling around his neck. He traced her lips with his tongue, begging entrance.

Buffy gradually opened her lips, groaning as Spike’s tongue entered her mouth. Memories of the last time they’d kissed flooded her brain, and she could say that his kisses still had the same affect on her. His tongue gently glided against hers, caressing.

He finally pulled back, pressing one last chaste kiss to her lips and then letting her go. Buffy sat with her eyes closed, trying to regain her breath and quell the flutters his kiss had aroused. The flood of moisture to her nether regions wasn’t any help. She took a deep breath before opening her eyes.

Spike was staring at her intently, trying to gauge her reaction. Buffy was always unpredictable and he wasn’t sure if she was going to stake him.

As she opened her mouth to say something, her cell phone rang. She gave him an apologetic smile before reaching into her bag, pulling out the phone, and answering it.

Spike listened with a half an ear to the conversation. He could hear the red head witch ask if they were still meeting up for shopping, to which Buffy said yes before bidding her friend a ‘see you later’ and hanging up the phone.

“So I guess you’ve got plans,” he observed.

“Yeah, I made plans earlier and kind of forgot about them.” She began to gather her stuff. “But, I will find you later, count on it.” And in a move that was surprising to both of them, she leaned over and kissed him before standing up and bouncing away.


Spike watched as Buffy walked away. He moved to ease the pressure in his shorts, noticing that he was still on Buffy’s towel. He stretched out a bit, enjoying the sun that he hadn’t experience in over 100 years.

He eyed the ring on his hand. It was pretty gaudy looking. Maybe he could get it surgically put inside of him; but then again, he was so keen on the surgery part, didn’t need someone poking around inside of him.

Once he’d become chipped, Spike had tried to figure out a way to protect himself. He’d remembered the lore about the Gem of Amara that would make the wearer invincible. With the Initiative running amuck in Sunnydale, it wasn’t ideal to be gem hunting; so Spike had used his time researching the legendary jewel’s exact location and how best to get to it.

When the last of the tin soldiers left, Spike immediately set out for the Gem. Within a week’s time, he’d found it, along with a heap of baubles that’d keep him in blood and smokes for a lifetime or two, possibly even three.

So he’d gotten the Gem and what was the first destination that popped into his mind? The beach. Something he’d never experienced in his human days or in the sun as a vamp.

It’d been phenomenal to experience it for the first time. Added with the experience he’d just had with Buffy, it was turning out to be the best day of his unlife.

He thought about staying around on the beach for a while, but without Buffy, it seemed to lose its appeal a bit. He got up, brushed the sand off of himself, picked up the towel, and slipped back on his discarded sunglasses.

If he was going to have the Slayer over tonight, he had himself a bit of shopping to do first.


Buffy let out a sigh as she entered his cemetery. Shopping with her friends has been endless and she hadn’t even found anything for herself. Patrol has been slightly busy, mostly fledges. She slowed down her pace, throwing out her slayer senses but didn’t pick up on anything except Spike inside of his crypt.

The smile on her face refused to go away as she made her way over to his crypt. Unlike her usual self, she raised her hand to knock and was surprised when the door swung open. She was on alert, looking around to see if anything was amiss, but nothing was. Everything was as it was the last time she’d been in there.

Then her eyes caught the trail of sand. It started a few feet in front of her and extended to a hole that led to a lower level. She followed it and easily dropped down, landing in the underground cavern. She stood still for a second, trying to take in all the changes that he’d made to the lower level.

Candles were alit around the room, oriental rugs covered the floor, and a red satin canopy bed sat in the middle of the room. It was very cozy.

The trail of sand continued on to stop at a table that was covered with her towel. She’d wondered what had happened to it. Buffy looked up to see Spike standing half in the shadow, watching her reaction. She flashed him a smile and felt her knees wobbling as he smiled back at her.

“Hello love,” he greeted, his voice a rumble that sent shivers down her spine.

“Hi,” she replied, surprised her voice hadn’t come out in a squeak. And was it hot all of a sudden?

“So you’ve come to collect, I see.” He took a step forward.

“Told you I would.” Her feet quickly swallowed up the space between them, the table soon the only thing separating them.

“Well, you plan on stripping or what?” he asked, Buffy gasped at his question, and he mentally smacked himself.

“Excuse me?” she said, the tone of her voice indicating the potential return of pissed off Buffy.

“Sorry love, worded that wrong. Your massage, kind of requires you to be slightly less clothed. Tell you what, there’s a few things I need to get upstairs, I’ll go get them and you make yourself comfy, yeah?” He was off before she could reply, deftly climbing the ladder.

Buffy shifted from foot to foot. If she got undressed now, there was no going back. Although, she thought, there probably had been no going back since that kiss on the beach earlier. A thought occurred to her. Didn’t he meet Angel’s criteria of being able to walk out in the sun? She didn’t see grandbabies in her future so that wasn’t a problem; and she could barely manage her life now, add kids to the mix and it’d be utter and total chaos. Nope, Spike fit the bill nicely.

She quickly disrobed, only leaving her underwear on. She picked up the robe that Spike had conveniently left on the table and slipped it on, the terry cloth smooth against her skin.

“You ready pet?” Spike called from the upper level.

“Yes,” she answered, smiling at the fact that Spike was being a complete gentleman, even if he’d never admit it.

Spike appeared moments later, a few bottles in his hands. His eyes hastily flitted over her, noting that she was now wearing the robe he’d left for her. He resumed his position behind the table, setting the bottles down on the edge.

“Okay love, hop up,” he instructed. Buffy lifted herself up on the table, facing away from him. Shyly, she began to lower the robe, her arms covering herself up as she became exposed. “Lay down.” Spike’s voice was low and soothing. She twisted and lowered herself on the table, her breath hitching as she felt Spike cover her with a towel and pull the robe completely off.

She should have felt very exposed and vulnerable, but didn’t. If it’d been any other guy, she wouldn’t even be on the table. She felt safe with Spike, here in his crypt, lying mostly naked in front of him.

She turned her head to watch him, his face the look of absolute concentration. She watched as he picked up a bottle and squirted some of the contents into his hand, a flowery smell bathing the room.

Buffy didn’t even tense as Spike laid his hands on her, his fingers and palms massaging her skin, starting from nape of her neck and working down. By the time he’d made it to the small of her back, she was boneless pile.

His fingers continued to trace up and down her back, but his touch was different this time, her skin burning where he touched. His fingers danced around the edge of the towel before they made their way up her sides, barely brushing the side of her breasts before trailing all the way down her spine, sparking her arousal with a simple touch.

Her thoughts started to drift away and it wasn’t till the sensations ebbed did she realize that he’d stopped touching her.

“Hey! You stopped with the touching,” she complained, sitting up, forgetting about her undressed status.

Spike eyes widened as he looked her up and down, not knowing which item to stare at, her black lacy panties, her hardened nipples, or the pout that was forming on her lips.

Buffy finally realized she was sitting practically naked in front of Spike, but instead of covering herself up, she reached out for his hand and brought it to one of her breasts.

“See,” she gasped as his hand gave a squeeze. “Touching of the good.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him forward, crashing her lips against his. She gasped again as his fingers tweaked her nipple and he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss.

“Buffy, Christ pet, what you do to me,” he mumbled against her mouth before releasing it to trail kisses down her throat, stopping to lavish her thumping pulse. He kneaded her breast, relishing in the moans she made.

He felt her tugging at his shirt, trying to get it off. He let her go for the briefest moment, removing his shirt in record time before grabbing at her again and kissing her senseless.

Buffy wasted no time, her hand quick to explore his body, tracing all the contours of his abs before resting on the buckle of his belt. After several attempts, she got it undone and began to unzip his jeans, jumping a bit when his cock leapt into her hand.

Spike chuckled at her jumpiness only to be quieted by a squeeze of Buffy’s fingers, her hand taking up a leisurely pace, squeezing at the base and working her way up. Spike rested his head against her shoulder, bracing his hands on either side of Buffy.

“Yeah love, just like that…” Her touches were driving him crazy. He let out a groan as she gave him a firm squeeze. He wasn’t going to last long if she kept that up. He stepped back out of her grasp, looking up in time to see the fear creep into her eyes.

“Did I…”

“No love, you were perfect. Just don’t want the fun to end early.” He waited for his meaning to sink in and was rewarded with a nice rosy blush from the Slayer.


“How about we move this to the bed. Would be a might comfier,” he suggested.

“Only if you lose those.” She pointed to his jeans, which Spike was quick to divest himself of.

“Better kitten?” he asked as she got down from the table and began to walk backwards towards his bed.

“Getting there,” she answered, her eyes swallowing him up as he stalked towards her. Her knees hit the bed and she let herself fall back, Spike pouncing on top of her and kissing her.

“I think you’re the one that needs to lose something.” His hands trailed down to her panties, playing with the lacy trim.

“You going to help a girl out?” she asked repeating her question from earlier that day.

“That I will love.” He kissed her breathless before advancing down her body, lavishing her nipples and tailing open kisses down to her belly button. His tongue skimmed the edge of her panties, Buffy squirming her hips in anticipation.

Spike breathed deeply, her arousal heavy on the air. Her legs fell open automatically as Spike slipped a bit farther down, his tongue sneaking out to edge at her underwear.

Spike, please,” Buffy begged, her hands fisted in the satin sheets. He smirked up at her before hooking his thumbs under the elastic and pulling the sopping material down her legs. He kissed his way back up her legs, nibbling at her inner thighs.

He could hear Buffy repeating his name over and over, continuing to beg him. He took one last deep breath to savor her arousal before driving in, licking up and down her wet cleft, her hips bucking up at his face. He pinned down her hips with his hands and started his assault on her quim, alternating between licks and nibbles.

He drew out her build up, letting it slowly reach zenith before he softly bit down on her clit, sending her over the edge. Buffy’s shriek of release echoed off the walls as he continued to lap at her. Once her tremblings started to subside, he headed up her body.

“Spike that was, wow,” she panted, grabbing his face and kissing him. Spike settled his weight over her, his hips fitting nicely between her legs, his straining erection resting against her still damp pussy.

“You gonna let me in?” he asked against her lips, his hands tangling in her hair.

Buffy reached down, grabbing a hold of him and positioned him at her entrance. “I thought I already did,” she answered before pulling him down and bucking her hips up, his erection sliding into her.

They both groaned at the sensation, both content to stay still for the moment. Spike closed his eyes and rested his head against Buffy’s. She was so tight and hot, like a burning inferno. He began to rock his hips, pulling out a bit more each time, her mewlings growing in passion.

Buffy clutched at Spike’s back, kneading the muscles there as his chest rubbed erotically against her breast with each thrust. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to pull him in further. It was unlike anything she’d ever felt before, his pelvic bone hitting her clit on every downward stroke. Spike’s steady pace was driving her crazy and she clutched her inner muscles, beckoning him to speed up; she wasn’t disappointed.

“Oh god Spike!” she moaned as he let go of her hip with one hand and pinched at her nipples, the mixture of pain and pleasure going straight to her sex.

“Buffy, love, so perfect,” he mumbled against her throat, his babble a string of praises.

She could feel the pressure building in the bottom of her stomach, the little tingles running through her body, but she needed more.

“Spike, I need you, I need more,” she asked of him.

He picked up the pace, his hands holding her hips in a bruising grip as he pounded into her. Buffy writhed beneath him, but she still needed something else. She felt her blood pumping within her, like there was too much of it, making her skin feel tight.

“Spike, I need you to bite me.” His pace faltered for a second before picking up again.

“Love,” he grunted. “You’re playing with fire there,” he said even as he felt his demon come forward.

“Please Spike,” she pleaded, gripping him with her inner muscles.

As her slick, vaginal walls grasped at him like a vice, her voice begging in his ear, her blood pumping against his skin, her arousal filling his senses, he was overwhelmed and could not hold back any further.

With a roar, he let his fangs drop and plunged them into her neck, her scream of ecstasy filling in his ears as he pulled at her life blood. He swallowed down his first gulp and lost himself within her, holding her hips as he pumped his seed into her womb.

With his last reserve of strength, he rolled to the side, pulling Buffy with him, their lower regions still intimately joined. His human visage came forward as he licked his bite marks clean. Buffy was panting against his neck, her puff of hot hair causing him to go hard.

“Wow, that was just wow,” she commented while putting a leg over his hip to be more comfortable. “And with the bitey. That was…” her sentence ended with a sigh as she curled up closer to him, resting her head on her shoulder.

“That it was love.” He ran his hands through her hair, delighting that she was still here, in his arms, and by the looks of it, wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“So tell me,” she started, her voice sounding sleepy. “How come it took us so long to do that?”

“I don’t know pet, guess it just took a little sun to get you thinking,” he answered before sleep claimed them both.


The End

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