Tears Of Crimson Regret
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A/N: Thanks goes to Ariel for reading through and fixing that repeating word syndrome I seemed to have inherited from her. *hugs*


He thought it would be scary, but it was actually liberating.

He was free.

Free from that bossy Walsh, free from his nagging mother, free from his current wife.

Riley Finn was a free man.

He had one destination in mind and it was currently walking across the street, her newly shorn locks shining in the sun.

He took a step towards her before succumbing to a heavy bout of dizziness.

He crumpled to the floor.


When he woke up, it was dark. His surroundings were barely visible. Riley got up, and brushed himself off. His body felt strange beneath his hand, almost like jello. He dismissed the thought and headed out towards the nearest graveyard.

A scream pierced the night and Riley began running, arriving at the gates of the cemetery in a puffing, doubled over mess. When he’d caught his breath again, he took a couple steps into the cemetery before stopping dead.

“Oh yes Spike!” Buffy’s voice floating across the distance.

Spike had her pinned up against the wall of the tomb and there was no doubt in Riley’s mind exactly what they were doing.

He fell to his knees in shock, hands gripping onto the broken tombstone in front of him. His eyes went wide as he felt his body give a shudder. His hands suddenly felt disconnected and he looked down at them. Riley’s body gave a one last shudder before collapsing into a puddle of tapioca pudding, right over Angel’s ashes.


The End

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