Tears Of Crimson Regret
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Watch out for that Headstone

AN: Big thanks to OracleHolly for betaing. *hugs*


Angel was walking through the cemetery. After his last visit with Buffy, he couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong with her. So here he was, lingering around the cemeteries of Sunnydale, hoping to see her. He clutched a stake in his left hand, figuring he’d patrol since he was there.

His broody self was so deep in thought that he never registered the broken head stone. His cumbersome foot collided with it, sending him falling forward. Angel braced his hands out trying to catch his fall but his arms couldn’t hold his extra pudge. He went sailing to the ground, the stake held in his hand entering his chest.

“Momma!” Angel cried like a baby before dissolving into dust.


Just entering the cemetery was one blonde couple, stumbling their way through the graveyard as they kept their mouths fused to each other’s, hands seeking and exploring the other. Spike’s hands were searching under Buffy’s skirt, and he let out a little growl when he found her sans knickers.

“Someone’s a naughty girl,” he whispered against her neck, nibbling on it.

“Mmm, Spike,” Buffy moaned as she jumped up and ground against him.

“Bloody hell,” Spike swore, his momentary distraction making him trip over a broken head stone. He landed on top of Buffy, who let out a little giggle that quickly turned into a moan as Spike thrusted against her hips.

“Spike, need you now,” Buffy commanded, tugging his head down for a kiss while her other hand freed him from the confines of the jeans.

Spike swiftly entered her, taking up a rapid pace and making Buffy scream his name. All the while they were on top of Angel’s ashes and being none the wiser.


The End

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