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Title: Always Invited In
Author: Ariel Dawn, Opalenergy, & BloodyTearsofLife
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the Joss, he just let’s me play with them.
Summary: Collaboration between Ariel Dawn, BloodyTearsofLife and Opalenergy. Round Robin response to Bloodshedverse Challenge #182. Set just after “Life Serial”. Buffy and Spike, unbeknownst to the other, audition for a national ad campaign for extra cash. Ya, so we answered our own challenge...

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Chapter 1: Classifieds

Written by Ariel Dawn, beta'd by Opal.


A steaming cup of coffee beside her on the dining room table, Buffy turned the page of the Sunnydale Times that she had been leafing through. The crisp sound of the paper rustling was the only noise in the house. Dawn was at school, Willow was at school, Tara was at school, Xander and Anya, well they didn’t live here, but it sure felt like it some times.

Buffy brought her cup of coffee to her lips as she scanned the classifieds. She’d come to that horrible conclusion that she had better get a job, before the nasty people at the bank, and the phone company, and the plumber decided to repossess their house.

Tucked away down in the corner of the page, was a small unimposing ad.

Open auditions.

Looking to get into acting?

Need some extra Cash?

Have a unique look?

Auditions for a nation wide ad campaign

Sunnydale Auditorium, Tomorrow, 8am to 8pm

18 and older only

Buffy put down her mug of coffee and circled the ad with a bright pink Hi-Liter.


Hours later the sun was setting, making it that time of day that bad little vampires woke up to face the night. Spike rolled over in bed to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him.

“You know, if you wanted me to bring you a newspaper after school you could be awake when I got here. That sheet doesn’t leave enough to the imagination,” started Dawn, holding a newspaper in her hand, waving it as she talked. “I don’t know why you want a newspaper anyway. I mean, vampire’s don’t care about the news. Except maybe if there’s a natural disaster somewhere, or...” Dawn stopped. “Ok, just proved myself wrong. Here’s your newspaper. I’m going home. It’s my turn to make dinner.”

“Thanks Bit,” said the vampire finally, his voice still sleepy.

Dawn left the crypt with a flounce, leaving the half awake vampire to get dressed and to make use of his newspaper.

He hadn’t told her what he wanted the newspaper for, and he hadn’t thought it such an odd request. Spike slipped on his jeans and grabbed the news paper before heading to the main floor of his crypt to enjoy his evening paper with a mug of blood.

He settled on a handy tomb and spread the paper out in front of him. He would never admit to Dawn that he was looking for ways to make money, so that both Buffy and Dawn could be self sufficient.

Spike scanned the paper looking for a way to fulfill his goal. He wasn’t above getting a job, but being dead for the last hundred or so years didn’t really make one hireable. Then he stopped his search as his gaze passed over a small ad in the corner of the page he had been looking at.

Open auditions.

Looking to get into acting?

Need some extra Cash?

Have a unique look?

Auditions for a nation wide ad campaign

Sunnydale Auditorium, Tomorrow, 8am to 8pm

18 and older only

Spike smirked and tore the ad out of the paper.


Buffy walked into the Sunnydale Auditorium with an optimistic bounce in her walk. She didn’t mind that it seemed that every beautiful girl in town and then some were waiting in line. She took her place at the end of the line, and checked her watch; it was still only 7:30. As time passed, a mass of girls joined the line behind her. Buffy started to regret this, and she had long since started to feel like cattle. But really only one of you, so you should feel like a cow...ug she thought to herself.

First they herded them into a room where they had to prove how old they were, eliminating the teenagers that had thought they could sneak in. Buffy filled out a form and was given a number, before being herded into another line, to wait for the next hoop to jump through.

She had pictures taken, told to wait in another line.

“You know what’s going on right?” asked the girl ahead of her to her friend. “My agent said that the talent agency that’s doing all the interviews and stuff is getting a big deal from the product company. My agent didn’t even know who the product company was. I just hope they don’t turn out to be some porn company. I’m a serious actress!”

Buffy turned and rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, the deal is,” continued the girl. “The talent agency is doing recruiting, so even if you don’t get the part, there’s a chance you’ll get signed with the agency. Of course I don’t need them, Rodger has been my agent since I was 10, he’s a doll.”

The idea hadn’t even occurred to Buffy that she’d be an actress. This was just a one time thing? Right?

Before she could contemplate that thought, they were herded through another door to read a scene of dialogue.


Spike strolled up from the basement of the Auditorium and found the line for the men. He leaned up against the wall and checked out his competition. It was safe to say that William the Bloody had a pretty good opinion of himself, and knew that he wasn’t hard on the eyes. He’d dug up some fake id, to help him along. He just hoped that this was all over and done with before patrolling time came around.

He didn’t want the Slayer to know what he was up to.

He’d never live it down if he failed.


“Miss Summers,” began the interviewer. “Why did you come here today?”

Buffy smiled nervously at the man behind the table. She’d been photographed, read lines, even sung a little but that was nothing compared to the table of two men and one woman that were staring back at her.

“Well, I saw the ad in the paper and thought, why not? I’m always up for something new and different. And if I sucked, the worst you could say was no, right?”

The man who asked the question hid his smirk and looked at the paper again, reading the question he was going to ask her next.

“Miss Summers the fact that you’ve gotten this far is testament that in fact you do not suck,” interrupted the lone woman at the table.

Buffy smiled. “Thanks.”

The man with the paper looked up. “Miss Summers. The role being decided upon today is an advertisement for a company that makes contraceptive devices. Would you feel comfortable appearing in an advertisement for condoms?”

Buffy blanched for a moment. Shortly she recovered and smiled back that her interviewer.

“Why should I mind?” she asked. “I’ve used condoms before...not on me of course, on boys. Lots of boys! Ok, not lots, I’m not a slut or anything. Two boys. I’m gonna stop talking now.”


“Mr. Blood,” said the woman interviewing Spike, as she playfully kicked off her high heeled shoes under the table.

Spike resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Can I call you William?” she asked.

“My friends call me Spike,” he purred, curling his tongue behind his teeth.

If he was going to get this he was going to pull out all the stops. He just had to keep reminding himself that this was all for the Slayer.

“Spike then,” she hummed. “The role being decided upon today is an advertisement for a company that makes contraceptive devices. Would you feel comfortable appearing in an advertisement for condoms?” She blushed.

“Pet,” he started, stepping closer to the woman interviewing him. “What do you think?” he asked raising a suggestive eyebrow.

A casual sniff to the air confirmed that he had this bint’s approval.


Buffy sat in yet another room with four other girls waiting for something to happen as the wall clock ticked closer to the time when Dawn was going to be home from school. Buffy secretly hoped that Willow or Tara would be at home when Dawn got there.

The door opened and an assistant with bad acne poked his head into the waiting room. “Nicole?”

The blond to Buffy’s left got up out of her chair and followed pimple boy into the other room.

Buffy wished she’d brought a book, or a crossword, or even a knife to make the legs of her chair into some stakes. Cause this was boring.


By the time they’d called her in, it was already past the time when Dawn was to be home. She walked into the room ready to tell the people that she had a kid at home that she had to look after. Her thoughts, however were circumvented when she spied the logo of the company that the ad was going to be for.

Vampire Condoms

“Because Vampires Always Get Invited In”

Buffy had to cover her mouth to keep her laughter from echoing throughout the room. The sigh in the middle of the room couldn’t help but be noticed. And she knew that she was staring at it for an unnecessarily long time.

“Miss Summers?” asked the pimple faced assistant.

“Oh,” Buffy cleared her throat. “Coming!” she giggled.

“Cause I haven’t heard that one all day,” the assistant muttered, as he lead her to a chair facing yet another table.

This time the man at the table was rather young looking, and ordinarily she would have thought him quite good looking.

“Miss Summers,” greeted the man. “I’m Tim, I represent Vampire Condoms. I’m really pleased that you’ve agreed to be in our National Ad campaign.”

“Thanks,” responded Buffy.

“First of all, I’d like to get your ideas on strategies that you think would work. What do you think of when I say ‘Vampire’?” asked Tim.

“Stake through the heart equals dust,” she responded automatically.

Tim laughed.

“Not quite what we are going for....anything else?”

Buffy realised that they wanted things that were innuendoish. “Umm, they come out under cover of darkness?” she offered. “They have to be invited in?”

“Exactly!” nodded Tim, writing down her comments.

“Umm, some of them, like Dracula, have thrall...they can make you do things against your will. You can’t resist his thrall.” Except I did, cause I’m super slayer! Buffy mentally congratulated herself.

“Great!” exclaimed Tim. “Ok, it’s time for you to meet the man we’ve selected to be your vampire.” Tim walked out from behind his desk to another door. Tim poked his head into the other room. “You can come in now,” he told the other actor.

Buffy looked up at the doorway only to let her jaw drop.




Opal’s turn!

Chapter 2: Chosen

Written by Opal and Beta'd by BTL.


After the interview, Spike lounged in a room with a few other men. While the others were comparing their build in the corner, he just kicked his feet up and lit up a smoke.

“Hey, there’s no smoking in here jerk!” one of the steroid infused men exclaimed.

“Yeah, asshole. Who the fuck do you think you are?” said another that had more hair gel in his hair than Angel.

The other three men just turned their backs, not wanting to participate in a confrontation. Neither did Spike for that matter, but quickly recognized that this was an opportunity he should take full advantage of.

Spike gave his best leer to them both, then put his fag up to his lips, inhaled deeply, and blew the smoke their way. As the two men, with their fists ready for action, encroached upon the vampire, Spike quickly shifted into game face and growled.

They mumbled their apologies and made their way out of the room. Two grown men pretending to be big bads, but were really a pair of pansies who easily defiled their pants when faced with the real Big Bad. Two down, three to go.

Spike rolled his eyes as he inhaled the foul odour that was left in their wake. Evidently it was foul enough that one of the other men began to gag, and then left the room. Got a bonus hit there. Spike took another drag off his smoke and smiled. He sized up the rest of the competition. He definitely didn’t understand how it was possible that one of the men got through. The man looked like he was plucked off of a Texas ranch house. He didn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype of vampire.

The other man looked like a ken doll. 100% GQ looks and American yuppie attitude to go with it. Spike was fully confident he had the both beat, and if not, he’d show a little game face to them too. He glanced at the clock on the television that was in the corner of the room. Only been a soddin’ half hour? Seeing as the other two blokes in the room were wrapped up in a conversation, Spike took the liberty to grab the remote control to the television and flip through the channels, all five of them.

And not one of them had Passions on.

Spike reached into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out another cigarette. The other two didn’t dare to move their heads at the sound of the metal as the lighter clicked shut. Leaning his head back against the couch, Spike relaxed and meditated. He reached out with his senses to ascertain if there were any demons he hadn’t picked up on. He was surprised at what he discovered.

The Slayer.

Spike pondered the interesting twist that was now presented to his plan. He wondered if she had even sense him yet. He doubted that she did. She was probably busy sizing herself up against the other girls.

He didn’t get much of a chance to think about that thought any longer. The same woman who had interviewed him earlier poked her head in and called the other two men out. He was momentarily disappointed, but it didn’t last long. Almost right after the other two were escorted out of the room, a beautiful red head in a business suit came in. He stood up to meet her and shake hands.

“Mr. Blood, I’m Andrea. I am the head of male talent for Vampire Condoms. I wanted to personally congratulate you for being selected as our male spokesperson for our national ad campaign.”

Spike smiled and thanked Andrea. He felt very good about her. She conveyed herself as a confident, yet warm and caring woman. He was even more impressed that she conducted herself as a professional. She didn’t look him down as a sex object. Spike found it rather refreshing for a change.

“Let’s talk about our next steps. As you know we are also choosing our female spokesperson today. Unlike the male spokesperson position, the female spokesperson is not as clear cut to pick. We have narrowed it down to two females, a blond and a brunette. Now we feel that in order to better sell our product, the pair we pick needs to have chemistry. This is why we are going to let you pick your female counterpart.”

Andrea reached for the remote control to the television and turned it off. She then pointed the remote to the curtains that were across from the couch Spike was sitting on. Behind the curtains had been what appeared to be a window and another audition area.

“Don’t worry Mr. Blood, we can see them and hear them but they can’t hear or see us,” Andrea assured Spike.

Spike sat back as they brought the first girl out. He was disappointed that it wasn’t Buffy, but he knew that she had to be one of the two. He could still sense her presence in the building.

He had to admit the brunette named Nicole was hot. She was thin, tall, and well endowed. Her hair loosely curled, and fell to the middle of her back. She was dressed a little on the risqué side. She had on black stiletto heels, a short denim skirt, and a top that bared her midriff. Spike could certainly envision himself doing the ad with her.

But she wasn’t Buffy. Spike wanted Buffy. He wanted his golden goddess.

Although his mind was made up on whom he’d select. He sat back and entertained himself with the answers that she gave each of the interview questions.

“First of all, I’d like to get your ideas on strategies that you think would work. What do you think of when I say ‘Vampire’?” the interviewer asked.

“Hot Sex,” Nicole answered dreamily.

Bint’s got that right, Spike thought.

“Ok. So if you had to think of a way to sell our product what would you do?”

“Umm, do you mean like a slogan or something?” she answered.

Agitated, the interview replied, “Yes. That is what I mean. A slogan.”

“Okay,” she giggled, “I guess I’d say ‘Vampire Condoms, a cape to keep you safe!’”

Spike immediately reassessed any possibility of working with Nicole. She was a female version of Harmony. He rolled his eyes and hoped that the interviewer would wrap this up quickly.

Apparently it wasn’t too much for Spike’s hopes to come true. Nicole was escorted out of the room by the same pimply faced teenager that had brought her in.

When they opened the door to escort the second selection in Andrea spoke up to distract him.

“Unlike the girl you just saw, this girl isn’t a professional. Yet she has that everyday, normal girl appeal about her. I think it will not only appeal to men but also women.”

Spike looked away from her. The beautiful blonde that was now in the room confirmed what his senses had told him.


He kicked back his feet and lit another cigarette. He wanted to do his best to look impartial at this point. Slayer’s answers to these questions ought to be good.

Spike snickered at Buffy’s first response about thoughts on vampires. He didn’t expect anything less than a natural response from the Slayer.

He raised his eyes though when she answered the question exactly in the way the interviewer wanted. Looks like kitten’s ready to play. Right then, it’s time to play.

Spike turned to the red head beside him to indicate he was ready to choose.

“Mr. Blood, if you had to decide right now would you choose…”

Spike didn’t let Andrea finish her sentence. He wanted to be damn sure he got his goldilocks.

“Buffy. I want Buffy,” he spoke with undertones of primal desire.

Andrea needed no further confirmation. She pressed a button on her remote, which turned changed the light above the entry way from red to green. He heard Tim the interviewer congratulate her on the job. He was surprised when Andrea rose and moved to the door that would open up into the interview room.

For a moment, Spike was unsure if he wanted to reveal himself to Buffy. It didn’t take him long to decide that the look on her face was well worth any anxiety he would go through in the next few moments.


Buffy couldn’t believe it. Of all her luck, she would end up doing a vampire condom ad with Spike. In retrospect, she shouldn’t have been surprised that Spike would do something like this. She waited for the jests to come from the blond menace.

They never came.

“Good guess luv. Must be the hair that gives it away,” Spike replied to her. He held out his hand to her like a gentleman. Buffy picked up on the queue, and in kind placed her hand in his. Spike pulled her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her fingertips.

“Pleasure to meet you; I’m going to look forward to working with you.”

Stunned, Buffy could only reply, “Same here.”

Andrea took the silence that followed as her opportunity to get the two blondes moving along.

“Buffy, Spike, as you were both informed in the audition literature we intend to do all of our filming and photo shoots today. Our deadline is to get these ads into key publications in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and London by Friday Morning. That is only 48 hours away, of that we have 24 to finish these ads, of that we only have 10 to dedicate to pre-production and production work. So without further hesitation, I’ll bring Buffy into dress and makeup. Tim please escort Spike in to Dominic.”


Before Buffy could start being tended to by the clothing crew and makeup artists, she managed to sneak in a quick call to the house. Luckily Tara was home and available to take care of Dawn for the next 10 hours. Tara would also be able to keep the secret as to where she was and who else was here too.

“Ok Buffy,” Andrea called, “your outfit for the first shoot is ready for you.”

Buffy walked into the changing area. She shouldn’t have expected more than this for a company advertising condoms. On the table lay a spiked dog collar, a short leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and thigh high leather boots with metal spiked heels to match the dog collar. Hanging on the hook of the wall was a lace tank top and a sleeveless, midriff baring leather top which barely covered her breasts.

Remembering the time constraints they were under, Buffy stopped gawking and hurried to get dressed. As she finished lacing up her leather top, Andrea peaked in.

“Oh good, you’re ready; time for hair and makeup.”

Buffy was thrown into a chair that was across from a big mirror. The bright lights shining down on her were hot, but she was able to see the counter littered with more makeup than any household of women would ever need.

One woman was diligently manicuring her nails. Buffy couldn’t see the color because another woman was applying her makeup. And if that wasn’t enough, a third woman was blow drying out her wavy hair straight. At least this worked out for the makeup artist, because the length of Buffy’s hair allowed the hairstylist to complete a majority of the work standing behind Buffy.

After what seemed to be a world record for making a woman beautiful, Buffy looked in the mirror. She was mesmerized by herself. If she was like this, how would Spike be? Time to revel in her transformation was cut short, as she was dragged away to the set. As Andrea escorted her onstage, Buffy’s mouth dropped at the site of Spike.

Spike dressed in sleek, grey Armani suit. His curls slightly tousled, and gah!


Spike just stared back at the blond beauty in front of him. Was that really his Slayer? His Buffy? She looked so wickedly sinful. Just for him. Had the bird said this would be in an Los Angeles paper? Gotta make sure Peaches gets a copy of this. Spike daydreamed about the face Angel would make as he picked up the paper to see little miss no longer innocent wrapped around his luscious body.

His reverie was broken as they were directed to step on to the first photoset. All they both could think was “What the?”


It's BTL's turn!! :)

Chapter 3: Playing the Part

Written by BloodyTearsOfLife and Beta'd by Ariel Dawn.


Buffy was thinking about anything to stop the rushing blood to her cheeks as she felt Spike’s eyes roam over her as she walked towards the photoset. She glanced out of the corner of her eye to see Spike exude cool confidence as always, as if nothing could faze him. She could see, however, the way he held himself just a bit more taut, waiting for her reaction. And damn, if he didn’t look fine in that Armani suit. It showed off the swell of his chest and his lean hips.

She brushed her hand lightly against his as she took a step forward, letting him know she knew what she was getting into. Money was money; and she felt better knowing that she would be doing this with someone who had her back rather than some random stranger.

They both turned and looked at the set before them. It was the interior of a room done in pinks and reds, rather on the girlish side. Given their outfits, this wasn’t what either expected. Any speculation was cut short as a man jumped forward, a camera held in his hand. He was nearly as tall as Spike with dark auburn hair that offset his brown eyes and his skin was that tanning booth bronze color.

“Alright, Buffy, honey, I need you to put on this fluffy robe and sit at the vanity table,” the man instructed and both stared at him. There was an awkward silence before the photographer gave a scoff and smacked himself. “Oh where are my manners. My name is Diego, I’m the photographer. So Buffy, please take this robe and sit at the vanity table. Make sure it covers everything,” he said with a wave of his hand towards Buffy and what she was wearing.

Buffy took the offered frilly pink robe and slipped it on. It seemed odd to put it over the outfit she was wearing but she wasn’t in charge, so on it went.

“Now Spike, my precious, oh look at those cheekbones," started Diego, sighing. "I want you to go around the set and put yourself in the closest window. I’ll instruct you two on what to do as we go along. We’ll just do some warm up photos and see how it goes.” Diego had a slight lisp and the way he was eyeing Spike left no doubt to either what his orientation was, which made Buffy feel a bit better that he wasn’t going to be ogling her and she did her best to contain her giggles.

Spike was about to growl a word of warning to the photographer when he saw the amusement on Buffy’s face, and stopped. It made her eyes sparkle and brought a nice color to her cheeks, and he wouldn’t do anything to upset that. Instead, he added a little sway to his step as he rounded the set. He didn’t see the photographer’s reaction but if the little snorts of giggles from Buffy were anything to go on, he’s done his job right. He closed his eyes and tucked the sound of her laughter along with the other memories he had of her.

Once they were both situated, Diego began to call out instructions and people raced around to do his bidding.

“Now Spikey, lean into the window and give me a predatory look," Diego directed at Spike. "Fantastic. Buffy, pick up the lip stick tube and pretend to apply some.”

Both did as they were told and there was a distinct shutter of the camera lens.

“Buffy go to the bed and sit on the bottom but turn away from the window. Spike, step inside and stalk into the room, stop at the bed post."

There was more clicking and more instructions and soon Buffy was thrown back on the bed, Spike hovering over her and Diego over at the side, clicking away. Buffy could feel her pulse in her throat as Spike held his weight above her but was very aware of every line of his body. What she really wanted to do was knock out both of her arms and let him settle against her, feel his weight on top of her.

Spike was fighting his own battle not to say sod it all and take the Slayer then and there. The makeup they’d done on her made her eyes almost cat like, illuminating them in that glowing face of hers. The outfit under the robe fit her like a second skin and accentuated just all the right places. He forced his hands still as he followed Diego’s next instructions.

“Spike, untie the sash and open it enough so we get a glimpse of what Buffy is wearing but not everything. Good,” he replied along with another click. “Buffy, stop him with one hand and then reach back and open the drawer."

Buffy felt her heart beat pick up as she grabbed Spike’s hand, his calloused hand cool beneath hers. She wiggled to reach back and open the drawer.

“You better stop that Slayer or I won’t be liable for what happens next,” Spike said in a low tone, bringing his face closer to Buffy’s.

“And what’s going to happen Spike?” Buffy asked with another wiggle, finally managing to get the drawer open and her hand reaching in. Her hand stilled inside the drawer, waiting for what was to happen and Spike leaned even closer to her.

“Oh yes, Spike, that’s good. Buffy pull out the condom and hold it up,” Diego called out, breaking the spell that had fallen over them, causing them both to shake their heads.

Buffy wrapped her hand around one of the foil packages and slowly brought it up, keeping it in plain view. Somehow bringing it out made it all seem more real, as if they were really preparing to do the deed. The flare of Spike’s nostrils told her that he’d caught on to her thoughts and he gave the tiniest push against, his solid thigh pushing against her core.

“Spikey, take the condom from her," ordered Diego.

Spike held Buffy’s gaze as he reached up and plucked the condom from her hands, his fingers lingering over hers.

“I want you to scoot down just a bit and trail the condom down from her neck, slowly."

Buffy’s breath hitched as the foil touched her and Spike lazily traced down her body with the corner, his tongue curling behind his teeth.

“Oh Spikey, you’re a natural,” Diego cooed, camera clicking away.

Spike leaned down making his eyes visible just above the condom and he pulled it lower and lower. He was at the top edge of the very low leather skirt and showed no signs of stopping when Diego called out that they were done and everyone sprung in motion to set up the next set. Buffy almost growled in frustration.

“You’re lucky Slayer, was just about to give you what you wanted,” Spike whispered, his cool breath flowing over her bare stomach and making her shiver. She looked up to see everyone looking at them and felt embarrassment flood her.

“Like you know what I want,” she growled, kicking Spike off and hopping off the bed with a huff, closing the robe around herself. When in doubt, or in this case, embarrassment, go with anger.

“Ahaha, not so fast little one,” Diego said, halting her. “I’ll be taking the robe now. We won’t need it for the next set."

Buffy felt her insides do a flop and fought not to cover herself up as she gave up the robe. She could do this. She was the big bad Slayer. Demons quivered at the thought of her, right? No need to be scared of showing off some skin.

Spike rubbed the back of his neck, unsure what to do but in the end, walked over to Buffy, his hands stuffed deep into the pockets of the Armani suit.

“Look Slayer, I didn’t meant to-” he was cut off by Buffy.

“Save it Spike. Let’s just get this done."

“Fine, be a silly bint when all I was trying to do was apologize,” he snarled and stormed off as well as he could with the dress shoes he was wearing.

Buffy’s jaw dropped at his words. Spike, was going to apologize to her, and she’s messed it up. A once in a lifetime kind of thing and she’d messed it up. Great. Oh, and that little witch over there better take her hands off my vamp! she mentally ordered as she saw one of the crew lean in close to him and put her hand on his arm. Before she could do more than step a foot towards them, Diego was asking for them on another set.

Both turned to find Diego standing in front of the set of a posh office. What looked to be a solid oak desk took up the front and center of the room, and behind that was a big, black leather swivel chair. The floor was covered in a dark maroon carpet and the well placed lighting gave it the feel of late evening.

“My blonde honey suckle, I want you to go sit at the desk. Buffy, go follow Mia here she’ll help you get fangs in,” Diego said and motioned towards the brunette that had been hanging on Spike.

Buffy gave a thin smile and followed Mia towards a small stationary table to the side of the room.

“Girl, you are so lucky,” Mia squealed as she began to apply an adhesive to the fake set of fangs that were on the table.

“I guess so,” Buffy answered, looking at the fangs and smiling at the irony.

“Open.” Mia motioned with her hand and Buffy complied. Mia carefully inserted the fangs, setting them in perfect. “Close and bite down on them and let the adhesive set. They should be comfy since they aren’t a full mouth set but let me know if they hurt."

Buffy nodded and turned back to the set, still biting down. Her lips were puffed out the tiniest bit but not much. She paused at the edge of the set, watching as Diego talked to Spike in a low tone. Papers were now scattered about the desk and Spike twirled a pen in hand. The tie that had been perfectly in place was loosened, as were the top buttons of the shirt underneath.

Spike looked up as the Slayer approached and fought not to throw her on the ground and ravish her as she smiled, revealing the fake set of fangs they’d given her. While no ridges marred her face, he couldn't stop the fantasy of those dainty fangs biting down into him as she rode him for all he was worth. The spiked collar strained against her neck as she took a deep breath, her breasts almost falling out of the top.

“Nice…teeth love,” he complimented her, the path his eyes took over her exposed skin almost burned.

“Thanks Spikey,” she said, walking closer to him and Spike was riveted to the sway in her hips and the strong muscles in her legs as she walked. She bent down to his ear as she walked around the chair. “Maybe if you’re good, I’ll test them out on you later,” she purred, her tongue flicking out against his ear as the words and action went straight to his dick, making him unbearably hard.

“Well, don’t let me disrupt the chemistry,” Diego interrupted with a smile. “Buffy, my vampire, I want you…to stand behind the chair for now, wrap your hands around the edge and peek out."

Diego stepped back and snapped the first few pictures as Buffy got behind the chair, her hand holding onto the smooth leather.

“Good, now come round and tilt Spike’s head with one hand, give me a nice good grip on his hair."

Buffy fought the smirk off her face as she reached around and slid her hand into his soft hair, latching onto it and giving it a little tug, holding it to pull his neck taut. She pulled her head around the other corner of the chair and brought her face down. He gave a small shudder as she exhaled next to his neck. Well this had potential…

“Okay my vampy, slide your other arm across and down his chest, and then make like you’re going to bite him."

Buffy hesitated for a moment before throwing caution to the wind and doing as she was told. She was being told to touch Spike, so it wasn’t like she was doing it of her own accord. It wasn't as if he could hold it against her. His chest was solid underneath her hand as she slid it across that expensive Armani suit, stopping in the center of his abs.

The next part took more effort, but she did it. She opened her mouth slowly as she lowered her head and finally pressed down on Spike’s neck, not hard enough to hurt but just enough to let him know she was there. He was tense beneath her, his neck and jaw muscles corded tight and she didn’t have to look up to know that he had his eyes closed. And why wouldn’t he? This probably was his ultimate fantasy.

“Mia! Bring in the fake blood,” Diego commanded, still taking pictures, alternating angles.

Mia stepped up holding a small dish and a dropper. “Buffy, I need you to lift up just a bit so I can squirt this stuff in."

Buffy raised the tiniest bit and she smiled as she felt Spike rise to remain in contact with her. Mia filled the dropper and then switched from in front of them to behind them, squirting some blood and then doing the same in the front. Buffy expected it to taste horrible and was ready to gag but the red liquid was sweet and tasted like strawberries. They were using red strawberry syrup. It was the right color and consistency. Might as well use something that tasted good while they were at it.

“This next part is tricky,” Mia said, reloading the dropper. “Buffy, put your mouth as close to his skin as possible. Then I’m going to come from the back and put this into your mouth so that when you pretend to bite again, it will drip down."

Buffy pressed her mouth as flat to Spike’s neck as she could, telling herself it was because she only wanted to do this once when it was really that she just craved the feeling of his flesh in her mouth.

Mia nudged the edge of her mouth and squeezed all of the liquid into her mouth. Buffy could feel it begin to fall out and the only thing she could think of to keep it in was to suck on Spike’s neck; and she did so, relishing in the little noise that escaped Spike’s mouth and the way his hands tightened on the arm rests of the chair.

“Ah, all set then?” Diego asked Mia as she walked off set. “Good, now Buffy, do the biting bit again and let the ‘blood’ drip down as slowly as you can let it. And Spike looks like he’s already enjoying himself as just keep that up."

Stifling her chuckle, Buffy bared her ‘fangs’ and let the blood drip down, which only caused her to suck harder on Spike’s neck to compensate for showing off the fangs.

Spike let out a low moan and the pressure built and the cool liquid slid down his neck. If he concentrated hard enough he could pretend it was the real thing. And now all he had to do was concentrate on not making himself look like a nancy schoolboy who couldn’t control himself. It was tough, imagining the Slayer’s perfect pout glued to his neck as the fake blood dripped down. Despite his best efforts his body gave another shudder. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a roll of these pictures…

Diego took a few more shots and then told Buffy to let up. Spike bit back the moan of loss as Buffy let go reluctantly from his neck. He attempted to turn his head but she was still holding it tight to one side.

“You gonna let me go, or you got something else for me love?” he purred out her, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

Diego cut in before Buffy could reply back. “If you two thought that was fun, wait till you see what I got planned for you next."


Ariel’s turn!

Chapter 4: Padded

Written by Ariel Dawn, beta‘d by Opal.


Buffy stepped away from Spike as if she’d been burnt. She didn’t want to admit that she liked this. This whole thing in fact... well maybe the pictures taken. Mia walked over to her and wiped up the goo from the fake blood. She inquired whether or not the fangs were still holding. Buffy nodded yes, just as Mia started pushing her towards the next scene to be shot.

Buffy looked around the scene, it was as if they had recreated Restfield cemetery right there in the building. There was even a cool breeze being simulated by a large fan over to the left. She was about to comment that it felt like she’d been here before, when she realised that Spike was nowhere to be seen.

Her heart started thumping madly against her chest at the idea that he had left her there all alone with the crazy photographer guy.

“Don’t worry, Buffy, he’s just getting dressed for the next shoot,” said the crazy photographer guy in question, as he handed his camera to an assistant to change the film.

Sure enough within moments Spike re-emerged from the dressing room, his Armani suit gone and in its place he was sporting the perfect match to her own outfit. The collar around his neck was studded, not spiked, he wore leather pants and a ripped and safety pinned shirt.

Diego’s face lit up as he saw Spike. “Perfect, it’s as if you’ve worn that look before. Ok, Sweethearts, to the tombstone with you. Mia! Position them!”

Buffy felt Mia take her hand and lead her behind what looked like a regular tombstone. As she approached Buffy noticed that this particular tomb stone wasn’t a replica of one found in Restfield. This one had ‘Vampire Condoms’ engraved on it. Diego in turn took Spike’s hand and led the vampire rather reluctantly to the tombstone.

“Sit, legs spread, slouched over, please darling? That‘s it! Delicious. You look just good enough to eat up, or arrest,” Deigo noted, with an undisguised leer.

Spike did as he was told with only a glance back at Buffy who was receiving directions from Mia. Spike slouched appropriately and Buffy leaned over the tombstone as Mia directed.

The little voice in Buffy’s head that held her moral compass was yelling that she was about to fall out of her top and that showing cleavage to the whole world was not what she signed up for.

“Buffy!” shouted Diego. “Lean in! Like you are about to bite him! That’s right! Who wouldn’t want to bite him?”

Buffy suppressed a laugh and moved in, her eyes looking intently at Spike’s neck. It was the opposite side than she had falsely bitten on the office set. This side had a scar on his neck; the scar that could only be made by a vampire’s bite.

Drusilla’s mark.

Suddenly Buffy felt herself get jealous. And she didn’t try to pretend it was any other feeling, she knew she was jealous and knew exactly why.

Diego moved around them snapping pictures, oblivious to Buffy’s startling revelation.

“Ok, move in for the bite, just like last time,” ordered Diego.

Buffy focused her eyes on the bite mark, and opened her mouth, descending slowly as she had the last time. She paid little attention to the compliments that Diego was throwing her way as he snapped photos. Buffy’s mind was on one thing and one thing only: Spike’s neck. As the fake fangs made contact she felt him shudder beneath her. So she bit down a little harder.

“Now, my little creamsicle, slowly slide your hand down his chest,” continued Diego.

Oddly enough Buffy didn’t need to hear the directions anymore. Her hands had a mind of their own. The hand resting on his right side slid down his chest, her fingers playing with the safety pins as she felt every outline of his chest and abs. The fake fangs held strong in his neck and remained firm in her mouth while her tongue made its own exploration.

“Reach into his pocket, slowly! Take out the packet...” Diego’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

Not exactly what she had wanted to do. The idea of tugging at his belt was a little more prevalent in her mind. She wanted to find out what all was in his pants other than condoms. She reached down towards his pocket and slipped her fingers in, drawing out another foil packet, and drew it back up the length of his chest.

He was going to cream his pants, right there in the photo studio, for all the world to see. Her little tongue was doing wonderful things to his neck, those little fangs causing sensations on Dru’s mark that was driving him nuts. And her smell. This was getting to her as much as it was getting to him if his nose was telling the truth. She’d never admit it though.

“Mia!” Diego shouted.

Spike felt Buffy start to loosen her bite on his neck. He was about to raise a hand and hold her there, he wasn’t ready for her to let go quite yet.

“Buffy! Stay where you are, Mia is just positioning the props.”

Buffy hummed an ‘Ok’ against his neck and he shuddered at the intense feeling. Mia stepped closer to the pair and took the condom packet out of Buffy’s hand and placed it on Spike’s leg, fastening it there with some sort of adhesive. As Mia stepped away Diego took a drink of water.

“Ya, I’m feeling a bit parched here too,” noted Spike, so only Buffy could hear him.

She bit down harder on his neck, painfully hard. She might have meant it in lieu of a smack to the head, but sadistic vampire that he was, he groaned in pleasure.

“Ok, back to work my little duckies!” said Diego reaching for the camera he had put down. “Buffy put your hand on his crotch!”

Buffy‘s head was up and looking at the photographer in an instant. “What?” she shouted.

“Put your hand on his crotch. I assure you he’s well padded. Spike’s the perfect gentleman I assure you. Spike!”

“Born and raised,” he purred, focusing on the little fangs in her mouth.

“See?” assured Diego. “Please resume the position.”

With a sigh, Buffy brought her hand down on Spike’s ’package’ as mechanically as she could, with a roll of her eyes, making sure that he saw her. She wanted to let him know that she didn’t enjoy this at all.

The truth was, she was enjoying this.

Buffy leaned down and brought her fangs back to the small indents of where she had bitten Spike, directly over Dru’s marks. Her hand moulded to the contours of his crotch and she was about to let herself get into this again when Diego interrupted again, barking that stupid girl making the goo goo eyes at Spike’s name.

Buffy reluctantly removed her hand from Spike and stood up from the tombstone. Mia had crouched down beside Spike and told him to open his mouth.

The Slayer giggled as she realised what was happening; Spike was getting fangs too!

She wanted to watch, to make sure Mia kept her grabby hands off of Spike’s body, but another assistant appeared out of nowhere and pushed her over to yet another tomb stone, this one looking like it had been built for something specific...virgin sacrifices maybe. It was thicker than normal grave markers.

“Like the new teeth?” Spike said as he approached, Mia following faithfully behind.

Buffy shook her head, trying to suppress a laugh. These new teeth weren’t him at all. They were far too long. “I like your own teeth better,” she admitted.

“Buffy! My little Goth peach! Bend over the stone!” shouted Diego.

The slayer breathed out deeply, reminding herself that she was getting paid for this. She bent over the stone, her ass in the air, her butt cheeks peeking out from under the short leather skirt.

“That’s it, perfect,” noted Diego, snapping pictures. “Now, prop your head up on your hand, good.”

Buffy was wondering where this was going for a moment, until Mia thrust something in her free hand. Yep, that damned foil packet again. Must hold the product.

She just wanted to shout out that Vampires didn’t need condoms!

Then Buffy felt Spike move up behind her.

“Oh you are a dream! Spike, my vanilla popsicle! Move around behind her, lean over her back! Yes, like that. Now, hand on her thigh.”

Spike hand ghosted over her fish net covered thigh. He wasn’t touching and oh god how she wished he would.

“Now, Spike! Move in for the kill!”

Baring his fake fangs Spike lowered his face towards her neck. With a delayed reaction, Buffy knew where he was going to strike: over Angel’s mark. And she wanted it. Her eyes closed of their own volition as she felt the fake fangs on her skin and another flood of moisture coated the black panties she was wearing.

Oh and the little growling noises he was making wasn’t helping either.

“Excellent! Next!” Diego shouted.

Spike was ripped away from her neck by the interfering Mia and the other, yet unnamed assistant pushed her towards the dressing room. On the hanger presented to her was the exact opposite of what she was wearing.

The soft pink silk nightgown matched the robe she had had on earlier. Never in a million years would she have ever worn this herself. The matching pink high heeled slippers with feathery toes felt silly.

Then she was attacked by makeup people, removing the Goth like makeup and making her all bubblegum fresh. She hadn’t worn colours like this since before she found out she was a slayer. When they were finished poking and prodding her face with makeup, painting her like she was fourteen again, they started on her hair. They combed it out and put it up in a French twist, curling tendrils around the contours of her face. The thing was, they had forgotten to take the fangs out of her mouth.

She was pushed to the next set. It looked normal enough. A doorway at a normal looking house. This would be the cliché-ed set. Buffy was escorted to the door just as the door opened revealing Mia and Spike on the other side, chatting. Buffy glared at Mia a moment completely missing the look of pure lust Spike was sending her.

“Ok!” Diego’s voice cut through the din. “Buffy on the inside, Spike on the outside. It’s not rocket science people!”

The assembled assistants looked sheepish as Spike and Buffy changed places.

“Spike lean against the doorframe, like you are begging to come, in,” Diego almost giggled. “Now, Buffy! Look at him like he’s the sex on legs he really is. More feeling Buffy.”

Buffy wanted to growl at Diego to shut the hell up. She was pretty sure she’d revealed a little too much feeling over the course of this photo shoot. She’d enjoyed sucking on Spike’s neck far too much.

Buffy let her guard down and looked back at Spike the way Diego wanted her to.

Directions came out of the crazy guy with the camera’s mouth, and before Buffy knew it Spike had stepped over the threshold of the fake house and had her pressed against the wall.

And it felt good. She was pressed up against him in all the most wonderful places, the hard outline of his cock (whether what Diego said was true about the padding or not) was jutting against her in a very nice way.

Spike’s fake fangs came towards her neck and she actually let out a very audible moan. His smirk was the last thing she saw before her eyes closed by themselves.

Her eyes opened again only at Diego’s next words.

“Take an hour for lunch darlings!”

‘K it was the middle of the night, but food was good right?


Opal’s turn!

Chapter 5: Spontaneous

Written by Opal, beta‘d by BTL.


Spike was just about to kiss his golden goddess when the pansy decided it was time for a lunch break. He was feeling a bit peckish, vampire after all. He was more concerned for Buffy though. It was a bit past midnight, and although she kept late hours, he could tell she was starting to tire a bit.

But God he just wanted to ravish her, she was standing there looking so beautiful, so innocent, so…

“Spike!” Mia yelled as she came bustling over, pushing Buffy aside in the process. “I know this great place we can go to and get something to eat around the corner. We can be back real fast.”

Buffy was horrified at the way she had been blatantly disregarded. Hello? She was the human here with the growly stomach, not the bleached wonder. As she looked at the way the assistant was pawing at her Spike, it was suddenly clear to her that under no circumstances should he be going anywhere with Mia or getting a bite to eat from anyone but her.

After her jealous internal rant, she finally realized that the fact that Spike would have to get something to eat was a very dire situation. Before she could move Spike’s fan club out of the way, he spoke up to handle the situation.

“Mia, that’s awfully sweet of you. I’ve actually got to run a quick errand back at my place…”

“I’ll come with you!” Mia eagerly interjected, batting her eyelashes.

“Well see, I rode my bike here and I already promised Buffy that when we had a break I would bring her by her house real quick to check in on her sis.”

Mia let out a sigh of disappointment, but Spike’s vampire hearing also picked up on the Slayer’s audible sign of relief.

“Mia, you could be helpful and pick up a pizza, soda, and a salad for us? We won’t have time to actually eat while we are out, but if you took care of getting some food, then we will be able to eat when we get back,” Spike suggested.

Mia hesitated for a moment, but then agreed to help. She declined taking any money from Spike, but had no problem trying to get money from Buffy. Spike quickly took out some cash and handed it to Mia, hoping at least with this last gesture the star struck assistant would get the point.

“Finally,” Buffy grumbled, watching Mia walk away with a glare before turning back to Spike. “So are you really going back to your crypt, because I know we don’t have time to check on Dawn…”

“Luv, as much as I love to have you dressed like that on my bike and then back to my crypt, I really do need to run off and get there. I don’t think the flaming Diego has any blood bags in his stash.”

“No I don’t suppose, but you shouldn’t really go alone,” Buffy tried to argue.

“And you shouldn’t be out dressed like that,” Spike countered back.

“So go grab your jacket and I’ll wear it.”

Spike stood there in shock for a moment. ‘Buffy. Buffy in sexy lingerie. Buffy in sexy lingerie wearing my coat. Buffy in sexy lingerie…’

“Spike!” Buffy shouted, tempted to knock on his forehead to see if anyone was home, but his eyes snapped back to her. “Go get your coat now. We only have 45 minutes left!”

Spike grabbed her hand and led her off towards his dressing area. He quickly opened the door and grabbed his jacked off of the couch. He slipped it over her small frame, and stood behind her as he buttoned up the jacket.

He took an extra moment to just hold her in his arms and enjoy that she was willingly there.

The moment proved to be a moment too long.

“Now where do my stars think they’re going?” Diego asked peeking around the corner.

“Lunch?” Buffy questioned.

“Ah, lunch will be provided for you. We cannot risk your makeup and dress being all ruined. You must stay on the set. But that jacket. That jacket looks so sinful over your delicates dear Buffy. We must use it in the next shoot.”

Buffy looked up at Spike, puzzled at how to handle the latest roadblock. They both knew that if they left now, they wouldn’t receive a dime from their work but Vampire Condoms would still have the shots.

Diego’s words brought them both out of their thoughts. “No worries. We were running ahead of schedule,” he added, checking the watch attached to his wrist. “Everyone is here but Mia. We can start without her. Come my delicious peaches, come follow me back to the set.”

Buffy rolled her eyes behind Diego as she followed him. Before she could get too far away from Spike, he pulled her back and whispered in her ear.

“Luv, in all seriousness I’m going to need to feed sometime tonight. I maybe have an hour left before I start getting antsy.”

“We’ll figure something out,” Buffy promised with a small smile.

“Buffy! Spike!”

“C’mon luv, time to see what else these folks are going to have us do,” Spike spoke as he took her hand and led her back to the set.

“Good. I see that you won’t need any touching up at all. This time I want Buffy to be the lady of the house. Spike run your hand through your hair and muss it up a bit. Very good.”

While Diego barked out his instructions, Buffy noticed for the first time how attractive Spike looked. He wore a pair of form fitting blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Plain, simple, and oh so drool worthy. She was surprised to find herself itching to run her hands over the shirt that she knew concealed hard, lean muscle beneath it, or to trail her hand down those jeans and feel him out.

Spike positioned himself against the open doorway, but anything else Diego was rattling off just bounced off of him as if he was surrounded by a magical barrier. Actually he was surrounded in the magic of Buffy’s scent. He took one deep inhale and could smell her arousal.

It was going to kill him. The need to feed and the fact that this was the most aroused she had ever been around him. Ever.

She was looking at him, with lust in her eyes. Buffy was leaning into him. They didn’t realize the camera had started flashing around them, all they knew was each other.

“Sod it to hell,” Spike whispered as he grabbed her and passionately kissed her. Her arms reached around him and pulled him closer to her. He could feel her heat through her sheer covering. He pushed his coat off over her as he leaned in and trailed kisses down the side of her neck.

Somewhere in the middle of all this Buffy’s hand and reached down to cup his ass. She felt the little foil package in his back pocked and had the sense of mind to pull it out for the camera shot. She hadn’t actually realized she had done so, it was just automatic. Buffy was too enthralled with Spike as he moved her over to the closest prop he could rest her upon.

The dining room table.

He placed her ass up on the table as she wrapped her legs around him. Spike grinded up against her, as he felt her small hand unbuckle his pants he knew he had to stop her before something got on film that would make her no longer speak to him.

As he felt her bite down over his neck, his instincts took hold. He burst into game face and bit into her neck. Her life blood filling his mouth, quenching his hunger. Her body writhing up against his exploding in pleasure; the thrill of bringing her off and tasting her blood was the final breaking point for Spike. As he licked her neck clean he held her close as he moaned her name and came in his pants.

“Spike,” he heard her faintly whisper.

“Cut!” Diego called out, penetrating their lust educed haze. “That was fantastic. You two just have great instinct for the camera, although I know you will both need a cold shower now. Why don’t you both take fifteen to clean up and then you’ll get ready for the final shot.”

Unable to enjoy their post orgasmic bliss, they slowly made their way apart from each other.

Of course Buffy couldn’t let go of the fact that he had bit her. She reached up to her neck and touched the already healing wound, right over those of Drac, the Master, and Angel. At least he hadn’t given her another set and if her hands told her anything, the wounds were already starting to seal up.

“I’m sorry love, I just reacted,” Spike mumbled. He fully expected to get a fist in the nose.

“I know,” she answered and that had Spike snapping his head to the right to look at her.

“Not that I’m not grateful luv, but not exactly what I expected to hear from you.”

Buffy stopped him from walking down the hall; she turned to him and looked him in the eye, a wry smile tugging at her lips.

“Just be glad I’m not in the mood to kick your ass in this outfit,” she noted with a flip of her hair.

“I’ll take what I can get luv,” he murmured.

Spike pulled her close to him and gently kissed her lips. Buffy kissed him back for a moment before breaking apart from him. While there was no denying that something was something between the two of them, she was still slightly confused at to what it was and what it meant. But for now, until they got done with this, she was going to leave it as it was and save the deep thoughts for later.

“Now let’s get ready to really have some fun with the next set.”

“Can’t wait to see what they have in line for us next. ’Course I don’t know what we could do to top that last shoot,” Spike said, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Buffy nudged him towards his changing area while she walked into hers, a blush tinting her cheeks. Before she shut her door, she peered out.

“Hey Spike.”

“Yeah luv?”

“Can you imagine if any of those shots get into the LA papers?” Buffy asked as she giggled and shut her door.

Spike shook his head and smiled at that thought. He could picture the poofter blowing a gasket.


Buffy looked at the dress hanging from her door. It was a beautiful sleeveless white dress. She picked up the dress up by the hanger and held it up to her. The hem of the dress fell to just below her knees. Her hand ghosted over the material, which seemed to be a combination of satin and silk. The dress reminded her of the one that Marilyn Monroe wore several decades before, in the pictures where the skirt floated all around her.

A sharp knock at the door reminded Buffy that they were under a deadline. She yelled to the makeup artist on the other side of the door she would be a minute. Lucky for her, the last set’s costume requirement was skimpy, ergo easy to shed in a hurry. Buffy put on the set of silk thigh high stockings. Next she unzipped the back of the dress, stepped in, and then zipped the back up as far as she could.

She opened the door to find the hair and makeup crew impatiently sitting outside. Quickly, they all burst in and swirled around her like a tornado.

In less than five minutes Buffy had been transformed from vampire slayer to sexy starlet. She wished she could have these folks to help her every day.

“Stop staring and let’s go, we only have half an hour left to get the final shoot in!”

‘Okay, maybe not everyday,’ Buffy thought as they hustled her out of the dressing room.

She eagerly walked down to the set area with mixed emotions. Buffy was excited to see what they had in store for the finale, yet scared because given some of the previous shots she knew it could possibly be outside of her comfort zone.

As she rounded the corner, any hesitation she had about the next shot immediately departed her mind. Instead she was filled with thoughts of lust as she saw Spike up on stage in black jeans and no shirt, instead the shirt itself was casually lying over the motorcycle that Spike was standing next to.

The only thought that went through Buffy’s mind was ‘Abs of Spike! Abs of Spike!’

“Our luscious little starlet is here!” Diego said. “Come over here and stand right next to this hunk of man here.”

Buffy walked over to Spike and stood in front of him.

“Very good sweetie, now just look all sweet and innocent in front of him,” Diego directed as the camera started to flash around them.

“You look beautiful luv,” Spike whispered.

Buffy bowed her head down and blushed. She assumed that during the break, snarky Spike would reappear and ruin the mood between them.

“What beautiful rosy cheeks! Girl you are such a natural at this. Now Spike, put the shirt on like a nice gentleman. After all you don’t want to compromise her virtue.”

Spike did as Diego ordered, putting the long sleeved shirt on. The shirt, which was ivory, with black tribal designs up and down the sleeves, was just tight enough that it hinted to the muscular body beneath it. Buffy had tried not to watch, but her eyes betrayed her as she watched him.

“Very good. These pictures will be amazing. Now Spike, help Buffy get on to that beautiful, big black vintage 1950 Harley Davidson Panhead,” Diego commanded.

Buffy looked at the seat. It looked like it would barely fit the two of them, but that would be fine by her. It just meant more closeness to nummy Spike goodness.

Spike easily lifted Buffy into place on the seat. Mia, whom had returned from lunch furious to see that production had gone on without her, reluctantly went over and fluffed Buffy’s dress so that it draped down both sides of the bike.

“Now Spike, you need to step over the seat, so that you are straddling the bike standing up and facing Buffy,” Diego instructed. “Oh that looks so sexy. Now just lift her head up towards you and look as if you’re going to kiss her. Now slowly lean in to her and brush her lips with yours.”

Spike looked at his golden goddess below him. All he wanted to do was punch the poof director and scoop Buffy up and take her away with him. He didn’t need Diego to coach him on being a romantic with his girl.

‘His girl.’

Just the thought of Buffy as ‘his girl’ made his unbeating heart flutter. He ignored the rest of Diego’s instructions and placed his arm around Buffy, scooting her closer to him as he deepened the kiss. The couple ignored the flurry of cameras clicking around them as they got lost in each other. They didn’t even notice Mia slipping in and placing the Vampire Condom packet in the back of Spike’s pants pocket.

The next thing they became aware of was being poked by a very agitated Mia.

“Guys, Diego said ‘cut’ like ten minutes ago. We’ve got only 20 more minutes before we are due to vacate the property here. We need your costumes back,” Mia spat out, “And you need your compensation from Andrea.”

Buffy and Spike both turned around and looked at the assistant. They were annoyed that they had been interrupted; because they were clearly enjoying each other and it was evident she was jealous.

Spike immediately vamped into game face.

“Be careful who you tell what to do little girl. Appearances aren’t always what they seem,” Spike spoke.

Mia was trembling in fear. “Oh my…you’re a real…”

“Vampire,” Buffy said as she finished the sentence for her, having tired of the girl’s attitude long beforehand.

Mia fainted on to the floor as Spike changed his face back to his human.

“Shall we go get our pay checks luv?”

“Oh yes. Buffy has some bills that need paying!”

Forgetting to remove their costumes, Buffy and Spike grabbed their respective bags from their dressing rooms and made their way to the room that Spike was in when he picked out Buffy to be his partner. Andrea rose up from the couch and handed them each envelopes as well as her business card.

“You two have natural chemistry together. I’m confident that we got some excellent photographs of you both showcasing our product. If these ads go well, Vampire Condoms may hire you both again for another set. I’ll contact you both directly if we are interested. Also, we will send you both some complimentary copies of the publications as well as some of the 8x10s from the shots for your portfolio.”

“Thanks luv, we appreciate you keeping us in mind,” Spike replied as he lifted up Andrea’s hand and kissed it.

Buffy fought hard not to get jealous, but the Slayer in her would not accept that. Spike heard the almost inaudible growl that emanated from Buffy.

Buffy managed to remain in control, and she as well extended her hand.

“Thank you for this opportunity. I appreciated it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would look forward to doing work again with you if it was offered,” Buffy said in what she hoped was a pleasant tone.

“Same here. Well it looks like we’ve got five minutes until we must vacate the property. Some hair gel firm is using the space next. I’d hate to be doing ads for them, after all how creative can you be with hair gel?”

“Not much,” Buffy and Spike replied in unison, sharing a smile.

“Well I must go. I trust you both can see your way out?”

Both Buffy and Spike nodded in response.

“Good. Again, nice to meet you both. Good night,” Andrea said as she left the room.

Spike turned around to Buffy. He adored her, he really did. Now that the shoot was over and reality was back, it left just one question to be answered.

“Luv, where do we go now?”



BTL’s turn!

Chapter 6: There's Something About Angel

Sixth Chapter Written by BTL, beta’d by Ariel Dawn.


Buffy really couldn’t help the flutter in her stomach. Spike was staring at her so expectantly and there was a vulnerability in his eyes she couldn’t help but see. He’d already surprised her by not returning to the snarky, stick-foot-in-mouth Spike before their last set, didn’t she owe him the same?

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” Buffy replied, her stomach choosing the perfect moment to rumble and she gave a small laugh.

“Then food it is,” Spike replied, taking her hand in his and dragging her over to his bike that he had stashed by the bushes earlier.

Neither one said a word as Spike hooked his bag on the back and then mounted the bike, Buffy squeezing in behind him, careful to drape her skirt so it didn’t get caught up.

“So, where to?” Spike asked as he started up the motorcycle and put up the kickstand.

“Hmm…how about you just drive and then I’ll pick whatever catches my eye,” Buffy answered, securing her purse on her shoulder before curling her arms around Spike’s torso. I could definitely get use to this, she thought as she cuddled up against Spike, his lean hips held snuggly between her legs.

Spike gave a quiet purr in pleasure, revving the bike and zipping off with a stretch of burnt rubber. The sound, the excitement, caused Buffy to squeal and tighten her grip, which he didn’t mind in the least. He could feel her heart pounding against his back as he weaved through the quiet street of Sunnydale, her arms a band of warmth as they rested on his stomach.

Buffy reveled in the feel of her hair whipping out behind her, as Spike’s flapping duster shielded her from most of the cold wind. They’d only traveled a small distance before she scooted up and tucked her chin into his shoulder, placing her mouth next to his ear.

“There’s that little diner up ahead. Stop there,” she ordered. It was the only place she knew had good food and would be open at this hour. She’d been frequenting it for a while.

Spike was torn between pretending not to hear her, so she could stay curled up behind him longer, and carrying out what she said so he could get her fed and in the mood for other activities. He finally lulled the bike to a slow roll and pulled up next to the curb. He knocked down the kickstand and turned the motor off.

Buffy hoisted herself off and waited until Spike was off too before heading into the empty, dimly lit diner. She seated herself at a booth on the right and surprised Spike by pulling him down next to her instead of insisting he sit on the other side.

He raised an eyebrow at her, silently voicing his question.

“There’s only one menu,” she tried to reason, picking up the sole menu on the table and ignoring the one tucked behind the napkin holder.

Spike gave her a little grin before shedding his duster and tossing it on the other side of the booth. He carefully draped one arm around Buffy and was pleased when she settled next to him.

“What do you fancy love?”

“I believe that’s my question,” someone interrupted.

Spike turned, ready to tell whomever it was to bugger off but stopped as Buffy squeezed his hand.

“Hey Millie,” Buffy greeted the older waitress. “Can I get my usual?”

“Sure thing hun. Glad to see you back around. What about your…friend?” Millie said, eying the platinum blonde she hadn’t seen before.

“No, I’m fine, but thanks pet,” Spike answered.

“I’ll say so,” Millie mumbled as she scribbled on her pad. “I’ll be right back in a minute.” Millie gave Buffy a wink before disappearing towards the kitchen.

“The usual? You come here often Slayer?” Spike asked once he’d turned to look back at her.

“Hey! Slaying works up an appetite. Not my fault I get hungry in the middle of patrol. This is the only place that’s open and has good food,” she explained.

“Could work up another appetite if you like,” Spike rumbled against her neck. He was rewarded with a giggle as the slayer squirmed to get away from him.

They spent their time waiting for the food cuddling, Buffy babbling about all the things she planned to do with her money. Buffy was playfully slapping away Spike’s hand that was trying to worm its way under her dress when the doors to the kitchen opened.

“Stop, food’s here,” Buffy said, her eyes locked on the approaching food.

Spike turned to see Millie already coming back, plates balanced expertly on her hands. She put the plates piled with food down, along with a tall glass of orange juice.

“Anything else I can get you two?” the waitress asked.

“No, I think we’re good. Thanks Millie,” Buffy responded, already tucking into her food.

The waitress left without another word, leaving the two alone again.

“You plan on eating all this by yourself Slayer?” Spike asked skeptically, as he looked over the various plates of food.

“Watch me.”


Buffy slunk down into the booth’s cushion, her arm sitting on top of her full stomach as she watched Spike finish the last of her stack of pancakes.

It had been cute through the whole meal, Spike sneaking bites from her and even at one point stealing the fork from her and feeding her. This was what she missed, just being with someone without anything else getting in the way. She guessed being dead had made her value things like this more. It had shown her that life was short and she needed to grab onto happiness anywhere she could find it.

When Spike looked back at her, she surprised him by grabbing his face between her hands and kissing him. Her tongue swept between his lips, his mouth tasting sweet with syrup. With one last nip at his lips, she pulled back. His eyes were soft as he looked at her.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?” he mumbled, his hand coming up to brush her hair back from her face.

“For everything. For taking care of Dawn, for helping patrol, for being there tonight. I don’t think I could have done that,” she waved her hand, afraid to actually describe what they had been paid to do, “tonight, if it hadn’t been you.”

“The pleasure was all mine pet,” he murmured back, kissing her lips gently. “How about we get out of here, get you some kip?”

“I’m not sure what kip is but sleep sounds lovely right about now,” Buffy replied.

They were out of the diner in a flash, Spike tossing a couple bills on the table and Buffy waving bye to Millie as she was pulled out the door. She soon found herself tucked behind Spike again as he raced through town, eventually turning onto her street and easing the motorcycle up the driveway.

He killed the motor with a flick of his wrist and let her dismount before setting the kickstand down and getting off. Buffy grabbed his hand and began pulling the astonished vamp towards the front door. He raised an eyebrow at her as she took her keys out of her backpack. She didn’t answer his unspoken question and simply opened the door and tugged him in behind her before closing it.

“Just a sec,” she whispered to him, too aware of how quiet the house was.

She tiptoed over to the desk in the living room and opened a drawer, putting the money she’d earned in it. She turned to look at Spike as his envelope dropped into the drawer too.

“Spike, I couldn’t--” she started, but was cut off by his finger on her lips.

“Shh, none of that love. It was for you anyways,” Spike whispered.

Buffy gave him a grateful smile and leaned up to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. Without another word, she took up his hand again and began leading him upstairs. He didn’t speak until she had closed the door to her room behind them.

“Buffy, we don’t…you don’t…” He gave tiny growl at not being able to get what he wanted out.

“What Spike?” she looked up sweetly at him.

“I just don’t want you to feel like you have to do this of because of what happened tonight,” he admitted softly.

“I know,” was her simple reply before she turned towards her dresser. She opened a drawer and tossed him something over her shoulder. His quick reflexes caught it and found it to be a pair of her sweats.

So busy trying to figure out what it all meant, he didn’t realize she was undressing until he heard the soft fall of her dress on the floor. He looked up to see her clad in only a long shirt. Not paying him any mind, she folded down the sheets on the bed and began to slide in, looking back at him to see him still immobile where she’d thrown the sweats at him.

“If you don’t want to stay, I understand,” she whispered before turning away from him and laying down, curling herself into a small ball.

Did she think he was rejecting her?

Spike had never undressed so fast in his unlife. The sweats were on him in a split second. Even faster he was getting in the bed and sliding in behind her, taking a deep breath as her scent filled him. It still amazed him how small she was when so much strength was housed within her. He pulled her towards him with a smile, her small frame fit perfectly against him, his arm curling around her waist possessively.

“I was worried there for a second,” she admitted quietly.

“About what?” Spike asked, burying his head into neck.

“That maybe you’d leave.”

Spike never remembered hearing her voice sound so small. He pulled his head up, looking at her downcast eyes.

“I’d never leave you.”

She looked at him then, her eyes somehow luminous in the dark of the room.


Spike began reaching for her, trying to tell her without words that’d he’d never leave her. She was already turned towards him, her lips seeking out his; when they connected, nothing else mattered.

Her kisses were almost frantic, her hands desperately clinging to him, as if to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere. He pulled away from her mouth and kissed along her jaw line until he reached her ear.

“I’m right here Buffy. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

He kissed the spot just below her ear before returning his lips to hers, his hand coming up to rest in the golden locks that he adored. He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips before adding more pressure. He slowly worked her mouth open and his tongue stole inside, tasting the sweet recesses of her mouth.

The hands that were once clinging to him now explored the smooth expanse of his back, tracing the lines of the muscles they found there. Buffy nibbled on his lips as he raised himself up and used his body to push her onto her back, her legs opening to allow him to lay between them.

The blankets were flung off the bed as Spike sat up, causing Buffy’s eyes to snap open. He took a moment to look at her, her hair wild around her head, lips swollen, and her hazel eyes wide as she stared at him, fighting to control her breathing.

He leaned forward to give her a reassuring kiss and then slinked back down, stopping only when his head became level with the source of the tantalizing smell of her arousal. His hands moved down her legs, coming to rest lightly on her knees. Keeping his touch feather light, he trailed his hands up, catching her shirt and pushing it higher as his hands traveled.

A pair of simple white lace panties were revealed as Buffy lifted up her hips when the shirt’s progress halted. With his mouth and lips, Spike traced the outline of her underwear, giving her a light nip at the hollows of her hips, hearing her heart pick up.

He continued making his way up her body, nuzzling the silky planes of her stomach, his hands resuming their ghost like touch. His hands had barely brushed over her breasts when Spike found himself knocked over and spread out, one aroused Slayer straddling him.

Buffy gave him a wicked grin before bypassing his mouth and going straight for his neck. She nibbled across it, soon coming to the scars on his neck and set her teeth into it. His breath went out in a hiss, his hips jerking against the air. She gave a quiet chuckle and worked her way down his chest as her fingernails scratched over his nipples, the vibration of his growls doing wondrous things to her body.

She finally came face to face with the tented area of the sweats he was wearing and looked up to see Spike watching her expectantly, waiting to see what she had planned.

Raking her nails lighting down his sides, she hooked her fingers inside the waistband and tugged the sweats down, Spike lifting himself up to help her. She tossed them over her shoulder and then let her eyes land on the thing she’d been wondering about for a while.

His erection jutted out from a thatch of dark curls, now free from its confines. She gave him a lick from bottom to top and was rewarded with a curse from Spike, his hands digging into the mattress. Next, she brushed her mouth over the lines of his pubic bone, allowing her teeth to scrape against it, but evaded the area where he really wanted her attention.

“Please love,” Spike begged through clenched teeth. Never in a million years did he ever think Buffy would go down on him.

Buffy wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, gave it a sure squeeze, and then slid her hand up and back down. She gave the belled head a lick as her hand continued its up and down motion. Soon her hand strokes grew shorter as she took more of Spike into her mouth. She enjoyed the feel and taste of him in her mouth, and the power she had over him as he babbled out a slew of praises at her.

Her teeth lightly grazed him on her down stoke and she abruptly pulled away at his louder, groaned, curse.

“I didn’t hurt--” she began but Spike cut her off.

“Oh gods no,” he rushed out, his voice breathless, forcing his eyes open to look at her. He nearly groaned at the sight of her kneeling between his legs, hand wrapped around his cock, her lips glistening. “Felt bloody good, so good love.”

She gave him a skeptical look and tentatively took him back into her mouth. After working up her rhythm again, she let her teeth scrape the tiniest bit against him, this time she soothed it with her tongue as she came up. Spike’s babble of praises grew even more frenzied and she took it as a sign that she was doing well.

Buffy worked him up to a high pitch, his mouth moving open and shut as his hands balled up in the sheets, every muscle clenched tight. She gave one good pull on him with her mouth, her nails scratching gently against his balls and she felt him tighten up.

“Buffy, love, I’m gonna…” Spike trailed off as he gave a loud roar and exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed as best as she could and let her shirt catch what her mouth couldn’t. Before she could lick him clean, Spike had slammed her on her back, ripping the clothes from her body, his mouth latching onto hers.

“Christ Buffy, what you did. You have no idea what you do to me, “ he groaned against her mouth as his hands found her breasts, pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, causing her breath to hitch in her throat.

“I think I have a good idea,” she answered breathlessly as her hand reached down to encircle his already hard cock.

Spike traced a finger down her body, dipping it between her slick folds before giving her clit a teasing rub, Buffy whimpering against his administrations.

“Spike, in me, now,” she ordered.

He covered her mouth with his and gave one hard thrust of his hips, sheathing himself fully inside her. They each caught the other’s moan at the sensation of being joined, Spike sure he was going to die on the spot from her intense heat and Buffy from the intense pleasure.

There was nothing gentle about Spike’s thrust as he moved in and out of her, hips smacking against each other with bruising force. They’d both waited too long and had enough teasing. Buffy’s nails dug half crescent moons into Spike’s back and he held her hips in a death grip, both sure that if they let go they’d float away from the pleasure that was flowing through their bodies.

Spike gritted his teeth as he tried to hold back as Buffy’s channel pulsated around him, her heat sinking right through him, burning him from the inside out. He tilted her hips in his hands, earning a new moan from Buffy as his cock rubbed against a new spot inside her.

Buffy laved kisses against Spike’s neck as she concentrated on the feelings going through her, from the way Spike filled her up, to the glide of him thrusting in and out, his pubic bone hitting her clit on every down stroke. Her skin soon flushed and she broke out in a light sweat broke as she eagerly rocked her hips against his, the pulse in her stomach growing stronger.

A flick of Spike’s thumb over her nipple and him biting down lightly over the marks where’d he’d fed from her earlier had her tumbling over the edge. That hot warmth inside exploded, spreading out over her body, bowing her body against his. She bit down on Spike’s neck to muffle the scream of pleasure and felt Spike do the same and his body gave one, two, three jerks before lying motionless on top of hers.

They both slowly let go of each other’s necks, and for a while the only sound in the room was their harsh breathing, both too content to do anything more, just enjoying the afterglow and the feel of their bodies against the others.

Buffy let a smile of contentment float over her face as Spike wearily raised his head up to look at her. His head was a mess of curls and his neck was sporting a bright red set of teeth marks, her marks.

“You okay?” he asked hesitantly.

“I think I’m more than okay, don’t you?” she answered back, squeezing her inner muscles, making them both moan as Spike jerked her hips.

He was more than able to go again but he could see the lines of tiredness around Buffy’s eyes and gently kissed her lips.

“It’s been a long day, why don’t you rest your eyes and get some sleep,” he suggested, reluctantly pulling out of her, both mourning the loss of their intimate connection.

“Mmm…sleep is of the good,” Buffy mumbled, already feeling her eyelids drooping.

Spike rolled onto his back and Buffy draped herself over him, her head pillowed on his shoulder and a leg intertwined with his. Spike reached over the side of the bed and pulled the covers up and over them, Buffy snuggling closer as he did so.

“So what do you think the poof is going to say when he sees our scandalous pictures?” Spike couldn’t help but ask.

“I really don’t care,” Buffy muttered against his skin.

For Spike, sweeter words were never uttered.


A few days later in LA…

Angel had just finished picking up his private mail, which included the latest edition of ‘Penthouse’. He scurried up to his hotel room and promptly locked himself in his bathroom, magazine eagerly clutched in his hand.

He quickly unzipped his pants as he laid the magazine out on the counter and began flipping through the pages.

It wasn’t long before he’d worked his tiny self up and had himself half way to happy land.

And that’s when he saw it.

Buffy was leaned over a tombstone as Spike pressed intimately against her from behind, his fangs descending on Buffy’s neck. And what was that in her hand? A condom! A vampire condom at that!

Buffy must have been thralled, that was the only explanation. She had to be under Spike’s control. No way would his sweet, innocent Buffy do anything like that, and especially not with Spike.

Angel hastily stuffed himself back into his pants and gave the zipper a fast pull up, not realizing he hadn’t gotten himself all the way tucked in. Tears sprang to his eyes as he looked down to see the small pockets of flesh between the zipper. The pain of it made him dizzy and he fell back, hitting his head on the edge of the toilet and effectively knocking him out.

Which was exactly how Cordelia and the gang found him later.


The End

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