Tears Of Crimson Regret
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Or otherwise known as...


Hi! My name is Kristina. I am the writer behind BloodyTearsOfLife. I write for fun and do it in my spare time. I had written some stuff and didn't think about posting anything until I found Fanfiction.net and thought 'what the heck' and posted my stuff up. Been writing even more since then.

You should all note that I am very snarky, witty, and sarastic. I don't know how all my friends put up with me sometimes, but they do, and I love them.

I've also dabbled into graphics and absolutely love doing them, and as time goes on I find myself doing more graphics than writing, but I promise to do more writing soon. I am also a beta, and help at Spark and Burn Awards.

Let's see... I love music. I am pretty open to any type of music. I listen to everything from Good Charlotte to KoRn to Dashboard Confessional to Bone Thugs and Harmony. I have tons of favorite bands, I could probably fill a whole page on bands I like, but I won't, because it would bore you and it'd take too long.

My favorite movies include: The Fast and The Furious, The Crow, Breakfast Club, xXx, Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick, Jackie Chan movies, any scary movie (like Halloween or Friday the 13th), and others that I can't think of at the moment. I also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as if you couldn't tell with the site and all). And I am totally head over heels with James Marsters/Spike. He is god, all must worship. *drool*

I don't know what else to say (JM is very distracting). Something else you'd like to know? Just IM me or e-mail me at the address below (or take a looky at my LiveJournal). It'd be great to talk to the people who visit this site and read my stories, which I hope you all like. I am always open to suggestions. Thanks for reading!



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